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Fri Afternoon Mix 1

Feb 16, 2024 1:00 PM β€“ 3:00 PM

WFHB Music

With Nicki Seven

Weekday Mix shows present eclectic music across genres, origins, and eras. Tune in for a diverse blend of styles, moods, and themes!

Fri Afternoon Mix 1
1:00 PM
J Mascis - I Can’t Find You
J Mascis I Can’t Find You
What Do We Do Now Subpop Record Group 2024 USSUB2360505
1:04 PM
Fabiano do Nascimento - Tupi
Fabiano do Nascimento Tupi
The Room Real World Records 2024 GBCPA2301919
1:07 PM
Mac Saturn - Boxcutter
Mac Saturn Boxcutter
Hard to Sell Saturn Sounds 2024 QMBZ92301075
1:11 PM
Aesha Minor - When I See You
Aesha Minor When I See You
Seven Summers aquadungeon records 2023 QZMEP2369269
1:14 PM
SLIFT - Ilion
Ilion Subpop Record Group 2023 FR9W12334023