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In My Bones

Jul 9, 2020 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Rebecca Beguin

A showcase of African musical genres and styles, towards artist recognition, mostly sub-Saharan

In My Bones
1:00 PM
Lindigo - Domoun
Lindigo Domoun
Maloya Power Hélico Music 2011 World FR3V50600133
1:05 PM
Lindigo - Ahi na ma
Lindigo Ahi na ma
Komsa gayar HELICO 2017 World FR3V51700263
1:09 PM
Lindigo - Lao
Lindigo Lao
Kosa Néna World FR3V51900301
1:13 PM
Lindigo - Afrika Anou
Lindigo Afrika Anou
Kosa Néna World FR3V51900303
1:16 PM
Lindigo - Fomba Gasy (feat. Fixi)
Lindigo Fomba Gasy (feat. Fixi)
Milé Sèk Milé Hélico Music 2014 FR3V51400207
1:20 PM
Lindigo - La Kaz Zaza (feat. Fixi)
Lindigo La Kaz Zaza (feat. Fixi)
Milé Sèk Milé Hélico Music 2014 FR3V51400208
1:28 PM
Ziskakan - Karandol
Ziskakan Karandol
4 Ti Mo Aztec musique 1999 World FR62E9900020
1:32 PM
Ziskakan - 4 ti mo
Ziskakan 4 ti mo
4 ti mo Discorama 1999 World FR6V80855564
1:37 PM
Ziskakan - Desanm
Ziskakan Desanm
Bato fou Piros 1991 World FR6V81161334
1:48 PM
Hachalu Hundessa - Jirra
Hachalu Hundessa Jirra
Jirra - Single Hachalu Hundessa 2018 TCADL1883470
1:56 PM
Lindigo - Maloya pli
Lindigo Maloya pli
Komsa gayar HELICO 2017 World FR3V51700270