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One Guitar

Sep 10, 2019 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Peter Neri


One Guitar
2:00 PM
Alex Anderson - Daybreak
Alex Anderson Daybreak
Tree of Life Candy Rat Records 2017 QM4TW1733034
2:06 PM
Helen Avakian - Fog Ghost
Helen Avakian Fog Ghost
Notes From Helen Helen Avakian
2:08 PM
Ed Gerhard - Fog Trilogy
Ed Gerhard Fog Trilogy
Luna Virtue Records 1993 Jazz USEL49392104
2:17 PM
Joe Robinson - Misty
Joe Robinson Misty
Time Jumpin' Joe Robinson 2009 World USQY51075143
2:20 PM
Roland Dyens - Misty
Roland Dyens Misty
Night and Day - Visite au Jazz GHA Records 2003 Classical BEW060300016
2:27 PM
Al Petteway - Broken Mist
Al Petteway Broken Mist
Mountain Guitar Fairewood Studios, LLC 2014 USGRX1452916
2:33 PM
Pat Donohue - Summer's End
Pat Donohue Summer's End
Backroads Bluesky Records 2003 USDY41638078
2:35 PM
Earl Klugh - Autumn Leaves
Earl Klugh Autumn Leaves
Solo Guitar Warner Records 1989 Jazz USWB19904105
2:37 PM
Johnny Smith - Autumn Nocturne
Johnny Smith Autumn Nocturne
Fingerstyle Guitar No. 44 Solid Air Records
2:39 PM
Jung Sungha - Autumn Leaves
Jung Sungha Autumn Leaves
Mixtape (Deluxe Edition) Sungha Jung Music 2017 KRA351700129
2:45 PM
Tommy Emmanuel - Windy & Warm
Tommy Emmanuel Windy & Warm
The Guitar Mastery of Tommy Emmanuel KING RECORDS 2014 Jazz USFN11428606
2:48 PM
Christie Lenée - Dance of the Wolves
Christie Lenée Dance of the Wolves
Chasing Infinity Christie Lenée 2014 QMFME1472956
2:51 PM
Alex de Grassi - Cumulus Rising
Alex de Grassi Cumulus Rising
The Water Garden Tropo Records 1998 US73Y9810046
2:56 PM
Al Petteway - Rainy Day
Al Petteway Rainy Day
Dream Guitars Vol. I - the Golden Age of Lutherie Dream Guitars, Inc. 2008 USGRX0834507
2:59 PM
Sean McGowan - The Rain in Spain
Sean McGowan The Rain in Spain
My Fair Lady Sean McGowan 2015 Jazz USPH71500005