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Nov 3, 2019 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Russ Martin

Great music from yesterday and today

10:00 AM
B�i�l�l� �D�o�g�g�e�t�t� �C�o�m�b�o - H�o�n�k�y� �T�o�n�k�,� �P�a�r�t� �1
Bill Doggett Combo Honky Tonk, Part 1
Honky Tonk Jump Party Charly
10:03 AM
T�h�e� �G�r�i�f�f�i�n� �B�r�o�t�h�e�r�s - L�i�t�t�l�e� �R�e�d� �R�o�o�s�t�e�r
The Griffin Brothers Little Red Rooster
Blues With A Beat Acrobat
10:06 AM
T�h�e� �G�r�i�f�f�i�n� �B�r�o�t�h�e�r�s - H�o�u�s�e� �N�e�a�r� �T�h�e� �R�a�i�l�r�o�a�d� �T�r�a�c�k
The Griffin Brothers House Near The Railroad Track
Blues With A Beat Acrobat
10:08 AM
H�a�d�d�a� �B�r�o�o�k�s - Y�o�u� �L�e�t� �M�y� �L�o�v�e� �G�e�t� �C�o�l�d
Hadda Brooks You Let My Love Get Cold
Jump Back Honey:Complete OKeh Sessions Sony
10:11 AM
H�a�d�d�a� �B�r�o�o�k�s - B�r�o�o�k�s� �B�o�o�g�i�e
Hadda Brooks Brooks Boogie
Jump Back Honey:Complete OKeh Sessions Sony
10:14 AM
H�-�B�o�m�b� �F�e�r�g�u�s�o�n - G�o�o�d� �T�i�m�e� �G�a�l
H-Bomb Ferguson Good Time Gal
Atlas Blues Explosion Empire Musicwerks
10:16 AM
H�-�B�o�m�b� �F�e�r�g�u�s�o�n - J�o�s�e�p�h�i�n�e
H-Bomb Ferguson Josephine
Mark Lamarr's Ace is Wild Westside
10:18 AM
H�a�r�r�y� �C�r�a�f�t�o�n - G�e�t� �O�f�f� �M�a�m�a
Harry Crafton Get Off Mama
Harry Crafton 1949-54 Collectables
10:20 AM
H�a�r�r�y� �C�r�a�f�t�o�n - L�e�t� �M�e� �T�e�l�l� �Y�o�u� �B�a�b�y
Harry Crafton Let Me Tell You Baby
Harry Crafton 1949-54 Collectables
10:23 AM
H�a�r�r�y� �C�r�a�f�t�o�n - B�i�g� �F�a�t� �H�o�t� �D�o�g
Harry Crafton Big Fat Hot Dog
Harry Crafton 1949-54 Collectables
10:28 AM
E�l�v�i�s� �P�r�e�s�l�e�y - P�a�r�a�l�y�z�e�d
Elvis Presley Paralyzed
Elvis SBME
10:30 AM
E�l�v�i�s� �P�r�e�s�l�e�y - D�o�n�'�t� �B�e� �C�r�u�e�l
Elvis Presley Don't Be Cruel
Elvis SBME
10:32 AM
D�i�o�n - T�h�e� �W�a�n�d�e�r�e�r� �(�T�a�k�e� �1�)� �-� �D�i�o�n
Dion The Wanderer (Take 1) - Dion
The Original Wanderer Ace
10:35 AM
E�r�n�i�e� �M�a�r�e�s�c�a - S�h�o�u�t�!� �S�h�o�u�t�!� �(�K�n�o�c�k� �Y�o�u�r�s�e�l�f� �O�u�t�)� �-� �E�r�n�i�e� �M�a�r�e�s�c�a
Ernie Maresca Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) - Ernie Maresca
The Original Wanderer Ace
10:37 AM
T�h�e� �F�l�a�r�e�s - F�o�o�t� �S�t�o�m�p�i�n�'� �P�t�.� �1
The Flares Foot Stompin' Pt. 1
Foot Stompin' Ace
10:39 AM
H�a�n�k� �B�a�l�l�a�r�d� �&� �T�h�e� �M�i�d�n�i�g�h�t�e�r�s - S�u�g�a�r�e�e
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters Sugaree
Delicious Doo-Wop And Tasty Treats Volume 2 Hot Dog
10:42 AM
N�i�c�k� �L�o�w�e - B�i�g� �K�i�c�k� �P�l�a�i�n� �S�c�r�a�p
Nick Lowe Big Kick Plain Scrap
16 All-Time Lowes Diablo
10:44 AM
N�i�c�k� �L�o�w�e - C�r�a�c�k�i�n�g� �U�p
Nick Lowe Cracking Up
16 All-Time Lowes Diablo
10:47 AM
T�h�e� �N�e�a�n�d�e�r�t�h�a�l�s - B�e�t�t�y� �L�o�u�'�s� �G�o�t� �a� �N�e�w� �T�a�t�t�o�o
The Neanderthals Betty Lou's Got a New Tattoo
The Latest Menace to the Human Race Spinout
10:49 AM
T�h�e� �N�e�a�n�d�e�r�t�h�a�l�s - G�i�r�l� �a�n�d� �a� �H�o�t� �R�o�d
The Neanderthals Girl and a Hot Rod
The Latest Menace to the Human Race Spinout
10:51 AM
T�h�e� �N�e�a�n�d�e�r�t�h�a�l�s - R�o�c�k� �T�h�e� �U�n�i�v�e�r�s�e
The Neanderthals Rock The Universe
The Neanderthals In Space Spinout
10:56 AM
N�a�t�h�a�n� �&� �T�h�e� �Z�y�d�e�c�o� �C�h�a�-�C�h�a�s - K�e�e�p� �o�n� �R�u�n�n�i�n�g
Nathan & The Zydeco Cha-Chas Keep on Running
Your Mama Don't Know Rounder
10:59 AM
N�a�t�h�a�n� �&� �T�h�e� �Z�y�d�e�c�o� �C�h�a�-�C�h�a�s - E�l� �S�i�d� �O�'�s� �Z�y�d�e�c�o� �B�o�o�g�a�l�o�o
Nathan & The Zydeco Cha-Chas El Sid O's Zydeco Boogaloo
Your Mama Don't Know Rounder
11:02 AM
N�e�v�i�l�l�e� �B�r�o�t�h�e�r�s - M�y�s�t�e�r�y� �T�r�a�i�n
Neville Brothers Mystery Train
Brother's Keeper A&M
11:06 AM
N�e�v�i�l�l�e� �B�r�o�t�h�e�r�s - H�e�y� �P�o�c�k�y� �W�a�y
Neville Brothers Hey Pocky Way
Fiyo On The Bayou A&M
11:10 AM
N�e�v�i�l�l�e� �B�r�o�t�h�e�r�s - R�u�n� �J�o�e
Neville Brothers Run Joe
Fiyo On The Bayou A&M
11:13 AM
N�e�w� �R�i�d�e�r�s� �O�f� �T�h�e� �P�u�r�p�l�e� �S�a�g�e - L�a� �B�a�m�b�a
New Riders Of The Purple Sage La Bamba
Live On Stage Relix
11:18 AM
N�e�w� �R�i�d�e�r�s� �O�f� �T�h�e� �P�u�r�p�l�e� �S�a�g�e - C�a�r�l� �P�e�r�k�i�n�s� �W�e�a�r�s� �T�h�e� �C�r�o�w�n
New Riders Of The Purple Sage Carl Perkins Wears The Crown
Where I Come From Woodstock
11:26 AM
H�a�n�k� �W�i�l�l�i�a�m�s� �J�r�. - I�'�m� �O�n�e� �O�f� �Y�o�u
Hank Williams Jr. I'm One Of You
I'm One Of You Curb
11:29 AM
T�h�e� �F�l�a�t�l�a�n�d�e�r�s - L�o�n�g� �S�n�a�k�e� �M�o�a�n
The Flatlanders Long Snake Moan
Live At The One Knite New West
11:32 AM
H�a�r�d� �W�o�r�k�i�n�g� �A�m�e�r�i�c�a�n�s - A�n�o�t�h�e�r� �T�r�a�i�n�/�W�o�r�k�i�n�g� �M�a�n� �B�l�u�e�s
Hard Working Americans Another Train/Working Man Blues
The First Waltz Melvin
11:39 AM
H�a�r�d� �W�o�r�k�i�n�g� �A�m�e�r�i�c�a�n�s - M�i�s�s�i�o�n� �A�c�c�o�m�p�l�i�s�h�e�d
Hard Working Americans Mission Accomplished
The First Waltz Melvin
11:48 AM
H�a�r�d� �W�o�r�k�i�n�g� �A�m�e�r�i�c�a�n�s - G�u�a�r�a�n�t�e�e�d
Hard Working Americans Guaranteed
The First Waltz Melvin