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Dec 22, 2019 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Russ Martin

Great music from yesterday and today

10:00 AM
B�i�l�l� �D�o�g�g�e�t�t� �C�o�m�b�o - H�o�n�k�y� �T�o�n�k�,� �P�a�r�t� �1
Bill Doggett Combo Honky Tonk, Part 1
Honky Tonk Jump Party Charly
10:03 AM
B�i�g� �J�o�e� �T�u�r�n�e�r - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �D�a�t�e� �B�o�o�g�i�e
Big Joe Turner Christmas Date Boogie
Shout, Rattle & Roll [Disc 3] - Boogie Woogie Baby Proper
10:06 AM
T�h�e� �M�o�o�n�g�l�o�w�s - H�e�y� �S�a�n�t�a� �C�l�a�u�s
The Moonglows Hey Santa Claus
Mark Lamarr's Rhythm & Blues Christmas Acrobat
10:08 AM
T�h�e�l�m�a� �C�o�o�p�e�r - I� �W�a�n�t� �A� �M�a�n
Thelma Cooper I Want A Man
Mark Lamarr's Rhythm & Blues Christmas Acrobat
10:10 AM
H�a�r�r�y� �C�r�a�f�t�o�n - B�r�i�n�g� �T�h�a�t� �C�a�d�i�l�l�a�c� �B�a�c�k
Harry Crafton Bring That Cadillac Back
Mark Lamarr's Rhythm & Blues Christmas Acrobat
10:12 AM
M�a�b�e�l� �S�c�o�t�t� �w�i�t�h� �M�a�x�w�e�l�l� �D�a�v�i�s� �&� �H�i�s� �O�r�c�h�e�s�t�r�a - B�o�o�g�i�e� �W�o�o�g�i�e� �S�a�n�t�a� �C�l�a�u�s
Mabel Scott with Maxwell Davis & His Orchestra Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
Mark Lamarr's Rhythm & Blues Christmas Acrobat
10:15 AM
S�u�g�a�r� �C�h�i�l�e� �R�o�b�i�n�s�o�n - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �B�o�o�g�i�e
Sugar Chile Robinson Christmas Boogie
Mark Lamarr's Rhythm & Blues Christmas Acrobat
10:17 AM
C�h�a�r�l�e�s� �B�r�o�w�n - M�e�r�r�y� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �B�a�b�y� �#�2
Charles Brown Merry Christmas Baby #2
Blue Over You Westside
10:20 AM
C�h�a�r�l�e�s� �B�r�o�w�n - P�l�e�a�s�e� �C�o�m�e� �H�o�m�e� �F�o�r� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �#� �2
Charles Brown Please Come Home For Christmas # 2
Blue Over You Westside
10:23 AM
T�h�e� �D�r�i�f�t�e�r�s - W�h�i�t�e� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s
The Drifters White Christmas
Let The Boogie Woogie Roll: Greatest Hits 1953-1958 Atlantic
10:29 AM
G�a�t�e�m�o�u�t�h� �M�o�o�r�e - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �B�l�u�e�s
Gatemouth Moore Christmas Blues
Hey Mr. Gatemouth - Complete King Recordings Westside
10:32 AM
G�o�r�e�e� �C�a�r�t�e�r - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �T�i�m�e
Goree Carter Christmas Time
Boogie Uproar: Texas Blues and R&B 1947-1954 [Disc 3] Alliance
10:35 AM
J�o�h�n�n�y� �O�t�i�s� �B�a�n�d - F�a�r� �A�w�a�y� �B�l�u�e�s� �(�F�a�r� �A�w�a�y� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �B�l�u�e�s�)
Johnny Otis Band Far Away Blues (Far Away Christmas Blues)
Chronological Johnny Otis, The Classics
10:38 AM
L�o�w�e�l�l� �F�u�l�s�o�n - L�o�n�e�s�o�m�e� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s
Lowell Fulson Lonesome Christmas
I'm A Night Owl - Vol. 2 - 1948-1954 Acrobat
10:40 AM
S�m�o�k�e�y� �H�o�g�g - I� �W�a�n�t� �M�y� �B�a�b�y� �F�o�r� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s
Smokey Hogg I Want My Baby For Christmas
Angels In Harlem Fantasy
10:42 AM
S�m�o�k�e�y� �H�o�g�g - M�y� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �B�a�b�y
Smokey Hogg My Christmas Baby
Smokey Hogg 1945 - 1951 Epm
10:45 AM
S�o�n�n�y� �B�o�y� �W�i�l�l�i�a�m�s�o�n - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �M�o�r�n�i�n�g� �B�l�u�e�s� �[�R�e�m�a�s�t�e�r�e�d� �1�9�9�7�]
Sonny Boy Williamson Christmas Morning Blues [Remastered 1997]
The Bluebird Recordings, 1938 RCA
10:48 AM
J�.�B�.� �S�u�m�m�e�r�s - I� �W�a�n�t� �a� �P�r�e�s�e�n�t� �f�o�r� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s
J.B. Summers I Want a Present for Christmas
Tiny Grimes and Friends Collectables
10:51 AM
B�a�l�l�a�r�d�,� �H�a�n�k� �(�&� �t�h�e� �M�i�d�n�i�g�h�t�e�r�s�) - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �T�i�m�e� �F�o�r� �E�v�e�r�y�o�n�e� �B�u�t� �M�e
Ballard, Hank (& the Midnighters) Christmas Time For Everyone But Me
Live At The Palais Charly
10:57 AM
B�r�u�c�e� �C�o�c�k�b�u�r�n - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �S�o�n�g
Bruce Cockburn Christmas Song
Salt, Sun And Time True North
11:01 AM
C�a�r�l� �M�a�n�n - T�o�d�a�y� �I�s� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s
Carl Mann Today Is Christmas
Mona Lisa Vol. 1 Bear Family
11:04 AM
J�o�h�n� �P�r�i�n�e - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �I�n� �P�r�i�s�o�n� �(�L�P� �V�e�r�s�i�o�n�)
John Prine Christmas In Prison (LP Version)
Sweet Revenge Atlantic
11:07 AM
L�o�n�n�i�e� �D�o�n�e�g�a�n� �S�k�i�f�f�l�e� �G�r�o�u�p - O�n� �a� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �D�a�y
Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group On a Christmas Day
Just about as good as it gets Smith & Co
11:09 AM
L�y�l�e� �L�o�v�e�t�t - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �M�o�r�n�i�n�g
Lyle Lovett Christmas Morning
The Road To Ensenada MCA
11:13 AM
S�t�e�v�e� �E�a�r�l�e - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �I�n� �W�a�s�h�i�n�g�t�o�n
Steve Earle Christmas In Washington
El Corazon Warner Bros
11:18 AM
T�r�u�c�k�s�t�o�p� �H�o�n�e�y�m�o�o�n - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �I�n� �O�c�a�l�a
Truckstop Honeymoon Christmas In Ocala
Christmas In Ocala Binky
11:21 AM
T�h�e� �D�a�v�i�s� �S�i�s�t�e�r�s - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �B�o�o�g�i�e
The Davis Sisters Christmas Boogie
Country Goes Rock 'N' Roll Volume 2 Rev-Ola
11:23 AM
T�h�e� �K�i�n�k�s - F�a�t�h�e�r� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s
The Kinks Father Christmas
Come Dancing With The Kinks - The Best Of The Kinks [UK] Velvel
11:27 AM
T�h�e� �S�o�n�i�c�s - D�o�n�'�t� �B�e�l�i�e�v�e� �I�n� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s
The Sonics Don't Believe In Christmas
Here Are The Sonics!!! Norton
11:29 AM
J�i�m�m�y� �D�a�w�k�i�n�s - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �T�i�m�e� �B�l�u�e�s
Jimmy Dawkins Christmas Time Blues
Feel The Blues JSP
11:34 AM
L�u�t�h�e�r� �"�G�u�i�t�a�r� �J�u�n�i�o�r�"� �J�o�h�n�s�o�n - M�e�r�r�y� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �B�a�b�y
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson Merry Christmas Baby
I Want To Groove With You Bullseye
11:38 AM
M�e�l�v�i�n� �T�a�y�l�o�r - M�e�r�r�y� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s�,� �B�a�b�y
Melvin Taylor Merry Christmas, Baby
Dirty Pool Evidence
11:45 AM
S�m�o�k�e�y� �W�i�l�s�o�n - C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s
Smokey Wilson Christmas
Round Like An Apple: The Big Town Recordings 1977-1978 Ace
11:48 AM
R�o�b�e�r�t� �E�a�r�l� �K�e�e�n - M�e�r�r�y� �C�h�r�i�s�t�m�a�s� �F�r�o�m� �T�h�e� �F�a�m�-�O�-�L�e�e
Robert Earl Keen Merry Christmas From The Fam-O-Lee
Live Dinner Reunion [Disc 2] Dualtone
11:53 AM
R�o�b�e�r�t� �E�a�r�l� �K�e�e�n - Happy Holidays Y'All
Robert Earl Keen Happy Holidays Y'All
Walking Distance SBME
11:57 AM
Robert Earl Keen - Happy Holidays Y'All
Robert Earl Keen Happy Holidays Y'All
Walking Distance (Bonus Track Version) SBME 1998