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WGDR Plainfield

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7:00 PMMother Cell (Music) with Ruth Wilder
9:00 PMThe Lotus Eater's Buffet (Music) with DJ Lotus Eater
11:00 PMThey Only Come Out at Night (Music) with dZendron
9:00 AMRelocalizing Vermont (PublicAffairs) with Carl Etnier
2:00 PMDollar Bins and Local Players (Music) with John Hopkins


12:00 PMHittin' The Note (Music) with Bill Hahn
9:00 PMIn Common Sounds (Music) with Brother B
7:00 PMShow Of Life (Music) with Walkin' Will
3:00 PMLost Highway, August 30, 2019 Hodge Podge (Music) with Ken
2:00 PMThe Quiet Storm (Music) with Skeeter Sanders