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WGDR Plainfield

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7:00 AMCurse of the Golden Turnip (Music) with Alan LePage
10:00 AMTrance-Formational Listening (Music) with Dennis Darrah
12:00 PMThought Pasture (MusicandPublicAffairs) with Maura Moose-Lover
1:30 PMSpanning the Chasm (PublicAffairs) with Peter the Poet
5:00 PMBon Mot (MusicandPublicAffairs) with Rick


4:30 PMAcoustic Harmony (Music) with Mark Michaelis
4:00 PMGeezer Rock (Music) with The Geezer
7:00 PMMother Cell (Music) with Ruth Wilder
12:00 PMHittin' The Note (Music) with Bill Hahn
9:00 PMIn Common Sounds (Music) with Brother B