Spanning the Chasm

Jun 28, 2020 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


With Peter the Poet

Spanning the Chasm
1:34 PM
Orchestra Baobab - Nijaay
Orchestra Baobab Nijaay
Made in Dakar Nonesuch 2008 World GBBGU0778002
1:43 PM
Barbecue Bob - She Moves It Just Right
Barbecue Bob She Moves It Just Right
Top 70 Classics - The Very Best of Barbecue Bob GRR Music 2019 Blues AUXN21914144
1:46 PM
Harold López-Nussa - Aminata
Harold López-Nussa Aminata
Havana Paris Dakar world village 2015 World FR77O1200010
1:55 PM
Abdel Gadir Salim - Alhagi
Abdel Gadir Salim Alhagi
The Merdoum Kings Play Songs of Love World Circuit 1991 World GBBGU0624007
2:00 PM
Johnny Clegg - Woman Be My Country
Johnny Clegg Woman Be My Country
Cruel Crazy Beautiful World Parlophone UK 1990 GBAYE8900138
2:08 PM
Kentucky Thunder, Ricky Skaggs - Coal Minin' Man
Kentucky Thunder, Ricky Skaggs Coal Minin' Man
Ancient Tones Skaggs Family Records, Inc 2007 World USBYD9910107
2:12 PM
Willie Walker - Dupree Blues
Willie Walker Dupree Blues
The Blues Vol 6 (The Mississippi Blues Collection) Gods of Music 1960 Blues ITJ501706947
2:15 PM
Krar Collective - Guragigna
Krar Collective Guragigna
Rough Guide To Undiscovered World World Music Network 2012 World GBDTM1220903
2:23 PM
Ebo Taylor - Nga Nga
Ebo Taylor Nga Nga
Rough Guide To Psychedelic Africa Rough Guides/World Music Network 2012 World DEG931050190
2:28 PM
Arbat - Ke chourlake
Arbat Ke chourlake
Ilô (le cœur) Buda musique 2005 World FR6V80502400
2:32 PM
Youssou N'Dour - The Truth
Youssou N'Dour The Truth
The Lion Virgin Records 1993 GBAAA9901651
2:44 PM
Olcay Bayir - Durme
Olcay Bayir Durme
Neva/Harmony Riverboat Records 2014 World GBDTM1488006
2:46 PM
Trigger Effect - In Us We Trust
Trigger Effect In Us We Trust
Versitis Maximus Indica Records 2011 Rock CAI251111711
2:49 PM
Dimitris Mistakidis - Dertilidiko
Dimitris Mistakidis Dertilidiko
Introducing Dimitris Mistakadis Introducing 2012 World GBDTM1219705
2:52 PM
Lakou Mizik - Bade Zile
Lakou Mizik Bade Zile
Wa Di Yo (Bonus Tracks Version) Cumbancha 2016 GB5CD1603805
2:54 PM
Etran Finatawa - Im Raharan
Etran Finatawa Im Raharan
The Sahara Sessions Riverboat Records 2013 World GBDTM1371014