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Indie City

Apr 22, 2021 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

With Drew

Drew's latest discoveries in Indie, Underground, Alternative, and other new music releases for discriminating listeners.

Indie City
6:00 PM
Ignant Benches - Monodrama
Ignant Benches Monodrama
Monodrama Ignant Benches 2020 GBWUL2067203
6:03 PM
Interpol - C’mere
Interpol C’mere Samuel Fogarino, Paul Banks, Carlos Dengler, Daniel Kessler
Antics Matador 2004 USMTD0461608
6:07 PM
Sharon Van Etten;Shamir - DsharpG (By Shamir)
Sharon Van Etten;Shamir DsharpG (By Shamir)
epic Ten Ba Da Bing! 2021 USCPT2116704
6:11 PM
The Antlers - Strawflower
The Antlers Strawflower
Green to Gold MERLIN - Anti/Epitaph 2021 USEP42048001
6:15 PM
Claud - If I Were You
Claud If I Were You
If I Were You Terrible Records 2019 TCAEE1911135
6:20 PM
Enumclaw - Free Drop Billy
Enumclaw Free Drop Billy
Free Drop Billy Suite A 2021 QZFZ72118197
6:23 PM
Bachelor - Stay in the Car
Bachelor Stay in the Car
Stay in the Car WMG - Polyvinyl Records 2021 US3R42142903
6:25 PM
The Dears - Heart Of An Animal
The Dears Heart Of An Animal
Lovers Rock Dangerbird Records 2020 US3R21921101
6:34 PM
Buck Meek - Two Saviors
Buck Meek Two Saviors
Two Saviors Keeled Scales 2021 QZEPW1904304
6:40 PM
Real Estate - Ribbon
Real Estate Ribbon Alex Bleeker, Martin Courtney, Matthew Kallman, Julian Lynch, Jackson Pollis
Half a Human MERLIN - Domino Recording Co 2021 GBCEL2000559
6:43 PM
Will Butler - Surrender
Will Butler Surrender
Generations Merge Records 2020 USMRG2072005
6:46 PM
Walter Martin - October
Walter Martin October
October Family Jukebox, LLC 2019 USA2P1955299
6:50 PM
KALI - I Just Wanna
KALI I Just Wanna Kali Flanagan
I Just Wanna WMG - Nettwerk Records 2021 CAN112000686
6:54 PM
Best Move - A Phrase
Best Move A Phrase Kris Anaya, Joseph Davancens
A Phrase BELIEVE - Park The Van 2021 DGA072195329