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WHRB 95.3fm Cambridge

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10:00 PMMusic Director's Top 20 Playlist (RecordHospital) with WHRB Record Hospital
11:00 PMair (unset) with WHRB-Classical, WHRB Record Hospital
12:00 AMOvid RH (RecordHospital) with WHRB Record Hospital
12:00 AMjuju's bou's and bangz (unset) with WHRB Record Hospital
1:00 AMgarlyk air (unset) with WHRB TDS


12:45 PMMetropolitan Opera (unset) with WHRB-Classical
9:00 PMGreek Myth Orgy, Day 5 (Classical) with WHRB-Classical
12:00 PMThe Ozawa Orgy (Day 2) (Classical) with WHRB-Classical
3:45 AMSatie's Vexations (unset) with WHRB-Classical
2:00 PMThe Ozawa Orgy (Day 1) (unset) with WHRB-Classical