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Dark Side of the Highway

Jul 21, 2018 11:00 PM – 7:00 AM


With Johnny Timewarp

An eight hour hellride through the haunted back roads of your eternal misery featuring the best in roots music, dark Americana, and morbid curiosities for all the graveyard shifters, burnt leftovers, flatliners, nighthawks, freaks, geeks, drunks, junkies, vampires and road dogs of eastern Connecticut, southern Massachusetts, western Rhode Island and beyond...

Dark Side of the Highway
6:31 AM
Everclear Heroin Girl
Ten Years Gone - The Best of Everclear 1994-2004 Capitol Records 2004 CD USCA29500050
song released 1995
6:23 AM
Jamie McLean Band One and Only
One and Only Jamie McLean Band 2018 CD
6:19 AM
Lauren Hoffman Broken
Family Ghost Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm 2017 CD
6:12 AM
The Americans I'll Be Yours
I'll Be Yours Loose Music 2017 CD USW951600004
5:56 AM
Miranda Lee Richards Autumn Sun
Existential Beast Invisible Hands Music 2017 CD GBFKY1774006
5:54 AM
The Piedmont Melody Makers I'll Be There
Wonderful World Outside Vigortone Records 2016 CD
Ray Price cover
5:49 AM
Lauren Adams The Shoe Fits
Somewhere Else Lauren Adams 2016 CD QMEU31609176
5:42 AM
INXS Don't Change
The Best of INXS Rhino Atlantic 2002 CD USAT21400604
song released 1982
5:38 AM
INXS Not Enough Time
The Best of INXS Rhino Atlantic 2002 CD GBF089290237
song released 1992
5:35 AM
Jim Allchin Just Plain Sick
Decisions Sandy Key Music LLC 2017 CD
5:25 AM
Nancy K. Dillon Annabelle
A Game of Swans Rose Rock Records 2018 CD
5:21 AM
The Mountain Apple Epidemic Apes
Newer Stuff Self-released 2013 CD
5:16 AM
Jamie Kindleyside Cinnamon & Sage L
It Is What It Was Self-released 2017 CD
4:57 AM
Regina Spektor Tornadoland
Remember Us To Life Sire 2016 CD
4:52 AM
Davey O. Nothing Could Go Wrong
A Bright Horizon Line H3o Records 2017 CD
4:49 AM
The Chargers Here in My Heart
Rock 'N' Roll Party, Volume 2 - The Late '50s V/A RCA/BMG 1989 CD
song released 1958
4:47 AM
The Four Lovers My Memories of You
Rock 'N' Roll Party, Volume 2 - The Late '50s V/A RCA/BMG 1989 CD
song released 1956, lead vocals by Francis Castellucio, later known as Frankie Valli
4:41 AM
Malcolm Holcombe Pretty Little Troubles
Pretty Little Troubles Gypsy Eyes Music 2017 CD
4:38 AM
Bascam Lamar Lunsford Springfield Mountain
Classic American Ballads from Smithsonian Folkways V/A Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2015 CD
song released 1953
4:35 AM
Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton Jocko’s Lament
Wildflower Blues Cinquefoil Records 2017 CD
4:31 AM
Will Stark She's Gonna Love Me As Much As I Love You
Ticket to Paradise OrderMusic 2017 CD
4:23 AM
Emily Zuzik Band You're the One
The Wild Joys of Living Maenades Music 2011 CD
4:20 AM
Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls Nowhere to Go
But There's Nowhere to Go Industrial Amusement 2017
4:15 AM
Kasenetz-Katz Super Cirkus Dong-Dong-Diki-Di-Ki-Dong
Bubblegum Classics Volume Three Varèse Sarabande 1996 CD
song released 1970
4:12 AM
Tony Christie (Is This the Way To) Amarillo
Bubblegum Classics Volume Three V/A Varèse Sarabande 1996 CD
song released 1972
3:55 AM
Pacific Soul Ltd. Road Trip
The Dance Divine Karma Frog 2016 CD
3:52 AM
Eugene Chrysler Speed Trap
Hillbilly Fun Park Carclo Records 2017
featuring Bill Kirchen on guitar
3:48 AM
Saniyé Better off Dead
Let's Play 6/8 Records 2016 CD USJT81600110
3:46 AM
Sarah McQuaid One Sparrow Down
If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous Shovel and a Spade Records 2018 CD
3:40 AM
Joshua James Backbone Bend
My Spirit Sister MTN Recordings 2017
3:36 AM
Don Gallardo Kicking Up the Pavement
Still Here Rock Ridge Music 2018 CD USB761702578
3:33 AM
The Rock and Roll Double Bubble Trading Card Company of Philadelphia, 19141 Bubble Gum Music
Bubblegum Classics Volume Two V/A Varèse Sarabande 1995 CD
song released 1969
3:30 AM
The Cuff Links When Julie Comes Around
Bubblegum Classics Volume Two V/A Varèse Sarabande 1995 CD
song released 1969
3:25 AM
D.B. Rielly I Believe, Angeline (Live)
Live from Long Island City Shut up & Play! 2017 CD
recorded live at RaR Bar, Long Island City, NY, 9/15/16
3:19 AM
Taproot Breathe
Welcome Atlantic/Velvet Hammer 2002 USAT20201789
3:14 AM
HiM Vampire Heart
Dark Light Sire 2005 USWB10503874
2:55 AM
Rob Martinez (2) Still Around
New Love Environment Karma Frog 2016 CD
2:52 AM
Hannah Aldridge Shouldn’t Hurt So Bad
Gold Rush Rocksnob 2017 CD
2:50 AM
King Curtis Hot Rod
Big Sensations V/A Mojo 2018 CD
song released 1961
2:48 AM
Capt. Groovy & His Bubblegum Army Capt. Groovy & His Bubblegum Army
Bubblegum Classics Volume One V/A Varèse Sarabande 1995 CD
song released 1969, theme song for a cartoon show which never aired
2:42 AM
Keith Ain't Gonna Lie
Bubblegum Classics Volume One V/A Varèse Sarabande 1995 CD
song released 1966
2:38 AM
Joel Hofmann Band 80 Proof Heartache
Shop Sessions Joel Hofmann Band 2016 CD
2:36 AM
Marc Gunn Skye Boat Song
Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion Mage Records 2013 USHM91346475
2:32 AM
The Residents Train vs. Elephant
The Ghost of Hope CRYPTIC CORP 2017 CD
2:25 AM
The Electric Trains Dead Horse L
Put the Track Back Flaming Lawnmower Records 2010 CD USDTT1000006
2:21 AM
CJ Teffner Crazy Train (feat. Robyn Cage)
Stars - EP Cj Teffner 2018 CD USHM21838946
Ozzy Osbourne cover, vocals by Robyn Cage
2:15 AM
Kaia Kater Ti Chagrin
Nine Pin Kaia Kater- Hurst 2016 CD CAKP31600013
1:58 AM
Timi Yuro Insult to Injury
The Best of Timi Yuro: Hurt EMI/EMI Records (USA) 1992 CD USA2B1205713
song released 1963
1:55 AM
Timi Yuro I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
The Best of Timi Yuro: Hurt EMI/EMI Records (USA) 1992 CD USCA26200394
song released 1962
1:52 AM
Tex Rubinowitz & Bob Newscaster I Dreamed I Heard Buddy Bolden Play
The Old Man Mississippi Patuxent Music 2017 CD USAKW1730404
1:49 AM
Salty Pajamas Mirror
Fryin' Pan off label records 2017 CD
1:46 AM
Bill And The Belles Hum Your Troubles Away
Dreamsongs, Etc. Jalopy Records 2018 CD
1:41 AM
David Starr Maybe You're Not the One
South and West David Starr 2018
1:37 AM
Pete's Posse Be the Light L
The Conversation Epact Music BMI 2017 CD
1:34 AM
Michael Martin Murphey Three Sons
High Stakes: Cowboy Songs VII Murphey Kinship Recordings 2016
1:29 AM
Jerry Lee Lewis Keep on the Firing Line (Live)
Old Time Religion Bear Family Records 2011 CD
recorded live at Brothers Davis' Church, Memphis, TN, 12/13/70
1:26 AM
Jerry Lee Lewis I'll Fly Away (Live)
Old Time Religion Bear Family Records 2011 CD
recorded live at Brother Davis' Church, Memphis, TN, 12/13/70
1:21 AM
Chicago Farmer Dirtiest Uniforms (Live)
Quarter Past Tonight Self-released 2018 CD
recorded live at the Apollo Theater, Peoria, IL, 12/1-12/2/17
1:18 AM
Jon Young Killing Kind
Relic JimKon, LLC 2017 QM3391700003
1:12 AM
Pat Reedy & the Longtime Goners Lucky I'm Alive
That's All There Is (And There Ain't No More) Muddy Roots Records 2018 CD
1:09 AM
Tony Jones & The Jerktones Dead Jenny L
Ubiquitous Postmortem - EP Cretin Records 2017 CD
12:55 AM
Miss Brown to You Do Remember Me
Roll Away Lunacy 2015
12:52 AM
Rick Astley Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life BMG 2018 CD
12:49 AM
Ray Charles Eleanor Rigby
His Greatest Hits - Volume 2 DCC Compact Classics 1987 CD
Beatles cover, song released 1968
12:46 AM
Ray Charles Don't Set Me Free
His Greatest Hits - Volume 2 DCC Compact Classics 1987 CD
song released 1963
12:39 AM
Emily Saliers Serpent Love
Murmuration Nation MRI 2017 CD
12:36 AM
Reed Turchi & His Kudzu Choir Honey Honey
Just A Little More Faith Devil Down Records 2018 CD
12:32 AM
Blue Rodeo Superstar
1000 Arms TeleSoul Records 2016 CD CAW111600239
12:27 AM
Folk Soul Revival Other Side
Folk Soul Revival Folk Soul Revival 2018 CD
12:21 AM
Craig Gerdes Good Ol' Days
Smokin, Drinkin & Gamblin Sol Records 2018 CD
12:15 AM
The Deer Strange Resides
Tempest & Rapture Owl Bum Records 2016 CD
11:58 PM
Lou Reed Coney Island Baby
Walk On The Wild Side - The Best Of Lou Reed RCA 1977 CD
song released 1975
11:53 PM
Lou Reed Wild Child
Walk On The Wild Side - The Best Of Lou Reed RCA 1977 CD
song released 1972
11:49 PM
Szlachetka Until That Echo L
Heart of My Hometown Matthew Szlachetka 2017 CD
11:47 PM
Charm City Junction Duckpin
Duckpin Charm City Junction 2018 CD
11:40 PM
Bruce T. Carroll The House on the Hill
Ruckus and Romance self 2016 CD
11:36 PM
Lawn Chair Kings Little Me
Virtually Acoustic Indie 2016 CD USHM91622794
11:32 PM
Caleb Caudle Headlights
Crushed Coins Cornelius Chapel Records 2018 CD
11:23 PM
Martha & the Vandellas Nowhere to Run
Good Morning Vietnam (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) V/A A&M 1988 CD
song released 1965
11:18 PM
John Fred & His Playboy Band Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)
Billboard Top Rock 'n' Roll Hits 1968 V/A Rhino 1988 CD
song released 1968
11:13 PM
Dale Hawkins Suzie-Q
Rock & Roll Originators V/A JCI/Telstar 1990 CD
song released 1957
11:10 PM
Lowell Fulson Reconsider Baby
The Blues Volume One V/A Chess 1963 CD
song released 1954
11:00 PM
Patti Page Detour
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: Best of Patti Page Mercury Nashville 2003 CD USPR39402669
opening theme, Spade Cooley cover, song released 1951

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