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Gravity and Chaos

Mar 20, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Chris Sampson

Don't be afraid; it's only music.

Gravity and Chaos
7:30 PM
David Bindman Sextet Through the Clouds David Bindman N
Ten Billion Versions of Reality David Bindman 2017 Jazz QMAAK1783713
7:19 PM
Jason Robinson Futures Unimagined Jason Robinson N
Resonant Geographies pfMENTUM 2018 Jazz
7:17 PM
Jason Robinson Facing East N
Jason Robinson - Resonant Geographies pfMENTUM 2018 CD Jazz
7:15 PM
Michael Musillami + 2 I Hear Siren in the Distance Michael Musillami
Life Anthem
7:14 PM
Michael Musillami Trio Life Anthem (solo cornet) Michael Musillami
Michael Musillami Trio + 2 - Life Anthem Playscape Recordings 2018 CD Jazz
7:13 PM
Salim Washington New Invasion of Africa Salim Washington/Amiri Baraka
Dogon Revisited
7:02 PM
Salim Washington To Know Yahweh Salim Washingtin
Dogon Revisited

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