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The Anti-Music Workshop

Oct 1, 2022 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With DJ Meatsock

recordings of the anti-music workshop broadcasts from the studios of 91.7 FM WHUS date back to early 2003 and cover as wide a path as possible through electronic music and broadcast improvisation. AMW guests have contributed over the years in several different methods, including live internet collaboration as well as studio sessions. live performances include laptops, effects gear, scrap metal, circuit-bent objects, harmonicas, and traditional instruments. correct musical selection during the broadcast is achieved using turntables and digital sources, with an emphasis placed on exploring the damaging capacity of the specific signal path used.

special and expensive connectors allow the staff of the anti-music workshop to interface in real time with a bevy of monostable attractor units placed in varying locations worldwide to assist in the processing capacity requirements of the broadcast. periodic realignment with several key texts ensures usability.

anti-music readiness training has been employed by several local organizations to help shape incoming broadcasters' technical readiness to respond to the impossible, with very promising results charted over a 2 year period.

the staff of the AMW have experience in all aspects of signal amplification and alteration, computation, and training and are available upon request across new england.

The Anti-Music Workshop

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