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Otto's Desk Jun 19, 2018, 10:00 AM–12:00 PM with DJ Otto Maishon

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12:00 PMGet Otta' Here (Electronic) with DJ Otto Maishon
2:00 PMCruising the Classics (Rock) with DJ BigTasty
4:00 PMDrake's Hit Single, The M-Otto (Hip Hop) with DJ Otto Maishon
6:00 PMThe Soul and Jazz Storrs (Avant-garde) with DJ Smooth Luce
8:00 PMGravity and Chaos (Avant-garde) with Chris Sampson


8:00 AMWatermelon in Easter Hay (News) with Nick C
10:00 PMShout in the Void (Indie) with Anna
7:00 PMCaffeine Bomb (Rock) with Lotring
4:30 PMGood Music (Rock) with
3:00 PMDoppelgangers (Rock) with Scotty