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The Sunday Night Folk Festival

May 20, 2018 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Susan Forbes Hansen

The Sunday Night Folk Festival
8:05 PM
Twisted Pine Funky Kentucky Bill Monroe
Dreams www.signaturesounds.com
7:55 PM
Joyce Luna Every Road We Take Joyce Luna
Every Road We Take www.joycelunamusic.com
7:52 PM
Cosy Sheridan / Charlie Koch My Fence & My Neighbor Cosy Sheridan
My Fence & My Neighbor www.cosysheridan.com
7:43 PM
The Andrew Collins Trio Goodbye Blue Sky - Ship in The Clouds Roger Waters / Trad.
Groove www.andrewcollinstrio.com
7:41 PM
The Andrew Collins Trio Coming into Hard Time Blues Andrew Collins
Tongue www.andrewcollinstrio.com
7:31 PM
David Haerle Glendale Glendale
Garden of Edendale www.davidhaerle.com
7:28 PM
Barbara Cassidy Band Ford Hill Road Barbara Cassidy
Ford Hill Road Suspicious Motives Records
7:27 PM
Jack Ballengee Morris West Virginia Refugee Jack Ballengee Morris
West Virginia Refugee jackballengeemorris.com
7:23 PM
Michael Johnathan Summertime George Gershwin
MoonFire PoetMan
7:11 PM
Gabrielle Louise Cold Missouri Waters James Keelaghan
Live at ETown Hall Sandalwood Records
7:10 PM
Kym Tuvim Birdsong Kym Tuvim
Nothing Sweet Nothing Retrofit Records
7:07 PM
Dan Bonis Scotland Dan Bonis
Delivering The Cake www.danbonis.com
7:06 PM
Chuck Brodsky Call It Chicken Chuck Brodsky
Them and Us www.chuckbrodsky.com
7:05 PM
Sloan Wainwright My Door Is Always Open to You Sloan Wainwright
Uncovering SloanWainwright.com

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