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WHUS Storrs 91.7fm

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Ottocracy Apr 23, 2018, 5:00 PM–7:00 PM with DJ Otto Maishon

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7:00 PMCaffeine Bomb (Rock) with Lotring
8:00 PMTurn That Volume Up! (Avant-garde) with KevKrz
9:00 PMCollege Wasteland (Indie) with Shira
10:00 PMBug of the Week (Avant-garde) with Ryan
11:00 PMThe Cowboy Way (Indie) with Mojito


4:00 PMBosco Jams (Rock) with Bosco Jams
3:00 PMTake 5 (Avant-garde) with danny_seltz
3:00 PMtraining (Rock) with Josh
7:00 AMMusical Chairs (Rock) with Bob Conner
11:00 PMGlobal Spins (World) with Poptart