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Bicycle Talk Apr 25, 2018, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM with WHUS Storrs

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12:00 PMCole Classics (Indie) with Cole
1:00 PMNew Spins (Indie) with Bobby
3:00 PMThe Silver Show (Indie) with DJ NV
4:00 PMJust Another Wavelength (Rock) with Josh
6:00 PMOtto's Magic (Indie) with DJ Otto Maishon


7:00 AMThe Cowboy Way (News) with Mojito
10:00 PM4/24/18 (Public Affairs) with DJ You Know Who
2:00 PMBig Tasty Cruising to the Classics (Rock) with DJ BigTasty
10:00 AMJolly Roger Radio (Rock) with Tony
10:00 AMJolly Roger Radio (Rock) with Tony