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As The Polka Turns

May 26, 2018 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM


With O Johnny

As The Polka Turns
9:54 AM
Kate Smith (2) God Bless America
God Bless America / Bless This House MGM Records Polka
9:52 AM
Frank Wojnarowski Soldier's Song
DANA 742B 10 Inch Polka
9:48 AM
Gene Wisniewski & Harmony Bells Orch. Draft For Girls
Pretty Polka Girls Ładny Polka Dziewczynki Dana Polka
9:47 AM
Walt Solek Whistling Soldier
DANA 1303 LP Polka
9:45 AM
Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra This Land Is Your Land (feat. Arlo Guthrie)
Most Requested Hits Starr Records 2002 CD World USCGH1474907
9:39 AM
Dick Pillar And His Orchestra Salute to America Polka
LP Polka
9:35 AM
Red Skelton Pledge of Alligence
Cassette Polka
9:32 AM
Maestros Men Keep The Flag Flying Waltz
Don't Stop The Music CD Polka
9:29 AM
EFO Old Glory Polka
A New Shake CD Polka
9:25 AM
Lenny Golmulka and Chicago Leaving For The Service Oberek
A Twelve Pack Of Polkas CD Polka
9:23 AM
Eddy J Our Splendid Country
CD Polka
9:19 AM
Stephanie Leaving For The Front
CD Polka
9:16 AM
Stas Golonka and The Chicago Masters army days
Chicago Records CD Polka
9:12 AM
Krakowska Orchestra Bugle Boy Polka
Walt Dana and Krakowska Orchestras DANA 1211 LP Polka
9:10 AM
Maestros Men Soldier's Return Polka
Don't Stop The Music DANA 1211 CD Polka
9:06 AM
Ray Henry And His Orchestra Dawn Patrol
Clarinet Polka Dana 1957 Polka
9:02 AM
Montalba Washington Post March / Japan Dissolution
Somerset LP Polka

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