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WHUS Storrs 91.7fm

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Ottopsy May 25, 2018, 12:00 AM–10:30 AM with DJ Otto Maishon

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10:30 AMDNA Today (Public Affairs) with Kira
11:00 AMOnom-Otto-poeia (Indie) with DJ Otto Maishon
11:30 AMNew Focus (Public Affairs) with WHUS Storrs
12:00 PMthe pretty alright show (Indie) with Jeremy
2:00 PMOtto-matic Transmission (News) with DJ Otto Maishon


8:00 PMTurn That Volume Up! (Avant-garde) with KevKrz
5:00 PMThe Radio Alarm (Indie) with Richie B
10:00 PMTelevision Radio (Indie) with DJ TJ
8:00 AMWhat's The Frequency (Indie) with Kenneth
7:45 PMG&C 20180522: Jason Kao Hwang (Avant-garde) with Chris Sampson