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The Grease Trap

Nov 18, 2019 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Chris

The Grease Trap
9:39 PM
Hermitude - Glorious (feat. Electric Fields)
Hermitude Glorious (feat. Electric Fields)
Pollyanarchy Nettwerk Records 2019 AUEF01901034
9:35 PM
Japanese Wallpaper - Tongue Tied
Japanese Wallpaper Tongue Tied
Glow Nettwerk Records 2019 Alternative AUBM01900187
9:31 PM
Claud - Wish You Were Gay
Claud Wish You Were Gay
Sideline Star Claud 2019 QM6N21933243
9:30 PM
Little Scream - Still Life
Little Scream Still Life
Speed Queen Merge Records 2019 Alternative USMRG1963705
9:24 PM
CHAMPS - Douglas Firs
CHAMPS Douglas Firs
The Hard Interchange BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2019 Alternative TCAEB1913350
9:21 PM
Bootstraps - Evergreen
Bootstraps Evergreen
Demo Love HyperExtension 2019 Alternative GBKPL1963395
9:16 PM
Lisa Prank - Rodeo
Lisa Prank Rodeo
Perfect Love Song Father/Daughter Records Alternative QMFD41900025
9:13 PM
Chastity Belt - Ann's Jam
Chastity Belt Ann's Jam Chastity Belt
Chastity Belt Milk! Records 2019 Alternative USHF31911701
9:09 PM
Feet - Chalet 47
Feet Chalet 47
What's Inside is More Than Just Ham Clapped Records 2019 QZFQF1900019
9:07 PM
Chris Farren - I Was Amazing
Chris Farren I Was Amazing
Born Hot Big Scary Monsters 2019 Rock US3R41938907
9:01 PM
Temples - Hot Motion
Temples Hot Motion
Hot Motion ATO Records 2019 Alternative USATO1900149

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