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Teenage Soundsystem

Aug 5, 2020 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Daytime Rock

With White Tiger

all the freshest finds in indie rock and indie pop

Teenage Soundsystem
3:59 PM
Skeggs - Midnight Eyes
Skeggs Midnight Eyes
My Own Mess
4:02 PM
Egoism - Sorry
Egoism Sorry
Sorry - Single Egoism
4:05 PM
Rostam - In a River
Rostam In a River
In a River - Single Matsor Projects
4:09 PM
Swimming Tapes - Easy Strand
Swimming Tapes Easy Strand
Easy Strand - Single B3SCI Records
4:11 PM
Ruby Fields - Dinosaurs
Ruby Fields Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs - Single Ruby Fields
4:15 PM
Arlie - Water Damage
Arlie Water Damage
Wait - EP Atlantic Records
4:19 PM
Winnetka Bowling League - Are You Okay?
Winnetka Bowling League Are You Okay?
Winnetka Bowling League - EP RCA Records Label
4:23 PM
Pip Blom - Come Home
Pip Blom Come Home
Come Home - Single Nice Swan Records Indie Rock
4:27 PM
Hensley - Give It Up
Hensley Give It Up
Give It Up - Single EskEmo Records
4:30 PM
San Mei - Heaven
San Mei Heaven
Heaven - Single Lxvi
4:34 PM
Daffodils - A Leo Underwater
Daffodils A Leo Underwater
A Leo Underwater - Single 45rpm
4:38 PM
A.W. - Different Now
A.W. Different Now
Different Now - Single
4:41 PM
Eves Karydas - Hush
Eves Karydas Hush
summerskin Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.
4:44 PM
The Regrettes - California Friends
The Regrettes California Friends
California Friends - Single Warner Records
4:48 PM
Mike Mains & The Branches - Endless Summer
Mike Mains & The Branches Endless Summer
Endless Summer - Single Tooth & Nail Records
4:51 PM
Soccer Mommy - Henry
Soccer Mommy Henry
Henry - Single Fat Possum
4:56 PM
Angus & Julia Stone - Chateau (Acoustic)
Angus & Julia Stone Chateau (Acoustic)
Chateau (Acoustic) - Single
5:02 PM
Cherry Pools - Hollywood
Cherry Pools Hollywood
Less Religion More Sex - EP Weekday/Sony Music
5:05 PM
Tangerine - Local Mall
Tangerine Local Mall
White Dove - EP Tangerine
5:10 PM
Hinds - British Mind
Hinds British Mind
British Mind - Single Pod / Inertia under licence from Lucky Number Music
5:13 PM
Moving Panoramas - Baby Blues
Moving Panoramas Baby Blues
Baby Blues - Single Modern Outsider
5:18 PM
Charlie Collins - Mexico
Charlie Collins Mexico
Mexico - Single Mirror Records Indie Rock
5:23 PM
Ragamuffs - Lainey Lainey
Ragamuffs Lainey Lainey
Lainey Lainey - Single Strawberry Shore Records
5:27 PM
Marigolds - Much To Me
Marigolds Much To Me
Much To Me - Single Beth Shalom Records
5:30 PM
Victoria Bigelow - Blame
Victoria Bigelow Blame
Blame - Single Victoria Bigelow / Tone Tree Music
5:33 PM
The Beaches - Fascination
The Beaches Fascination
Fascination - Single Universal Music Canada Indie Rock
5:36 PM
Dress Code - Eyesight
Dress Code Eyesight
5:39 PM
Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness - Paper Rain
Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness Paper Rain
Upside Down Flowers Fantasy
5:44 PM
Twist - Distancing
Twist Distancing
Distancing Buzz Records
5:47 PM
Wing Defence - Hindsight
Wing Defence Hindsight
Hindsight - Single Independent
5:50 PM
Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers
Holiday Sidewinder Whispers
Whispers - Single Personal Best Records
5:54 PM
End - Single OILBARON