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Shuffle Play

Aug 20, 2020 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Triskelion

Shuffle play is live mixed and focuses generally on many genres of electronic/dance music, but I may infuse it with other genres to mix it up. I will be mixing the music on my DJ deck that I will bring with me to my shift and set up about 10 minutes in advance if possible.

Shuffle Play
9:00 PM
Taska Black - Forever
Taska Black Forever
Forever - Single STMPD RCRDS Electronic
9:04 PM
Heuse - Infinity
Heuse Infinity
Infinity - Single Wefere Music Electronic
9:07 PM
Ship Wrek - Ark
Ship Wrek Ark
Ark - Single NCS Electronic
9:09 PM
Axel Boy - Liberty Flute
Axel Boy Liberty Flute
Feels - Single Buygore
9:14 PM
Prismo - Stronger (Raiko Remix)
Prismo Stronger (Raiko Remix)
Stronger (Raiko Remix) - Single NCS Electronic
9:17 PM
San Holo - Love (Wip) [feat. Cassini]
San Holo Love (Wip) [feat. Cassini]
Album1 bitbird Electronic
9:21 PM
PLÜM - You're the One
PLÜM You're the One
You're the One - Single PLÜM Electronic
9:24 PM
Jai Wolf - Telepathy
Jai Wolf Telepathy
Lose My Mind / Telepathy - Single Pod Electronic
9:27 PM
SMLE - Overflow (feat. Helen Tess)
SMLE Overflow (feat. Helen Tess)
Overflow (feat. Helen Tess) - Single Lowly Palace LLC
9:30 PM
The Geek x VRV - Payeng's Ark 1979
The Geek x VRV Payeng's Ark 1979
Time Machine Allo Floride Artist Services
9:33 PM
Kubbi - Pathfinder
Kubbi Pathfinder
Ember Kubbi Electronic
9:38 PM
BLOWSOM - Colours
Colours - Single Cyco Rec.
9:42 PM
Kidswaste - Free
Kidswaste Free
Free - Single 602980 Records DK
9:45 PM
Módl - Coastline
Módl Coastline
Coastline - Single Esydia & Chroma Records Electronic
9:48 PM
Autograf - Dream
Autograf Dream
Dream - Single Ultra Records, LLC
9:52 PM
Mura Masa - Firefly (feat. Nao)
Mura Masa Firefly (feat. Nao)
Mura Masa Polydor Records Electronic
9:56 PM
Odd Mob - Slumber (feat. Kite)
Odd Mob Slumber (feat. Kite)
Diverse Universe - Single Tinted Records