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Shuffle Play

Sep 10, 2020 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Triskelion

Shuffle play is live mixed and focuses generally on many genres of electronic/dance music, but I may infuse it with other genres to mix it up. I will be mixing the music on my DJ deck that I will bring with me to my shift and set up about 10 minutes in advance if possible.

Shuffle Play
9:01 PM
Vasser - Whatever You Want
Vasser Whatever You Want
Retract - Single Vasser Electronic
9:05 PM
Stolensnares - Inroads
Stolensnares Inroads
Inroads - Single Artist Intelligence Agency
9:10 PM
Nude - Aurora (feat. Jj)
Nude Aurora (feat. Jj)
Purple Cascade Records
9:10 PM
Módl - My Heart
Módl My Heart
My Heart - Single Ostereo Electronic
9:14 PM
Blackbird Blackbird - It Hurts To Say Goodbye
Blackbird Blackbird It Hurts To Say Goodbye
Hearts Blackbird Blackbird Electronic
9:20 PM
Kratos Himself - Always, Never
Kratos Himself Always, Never
Solstice / Part II Electronic
9:27 PM
Flume - Rushing Back (feat. Vera Blue)
Flume Rushing Back (feat. Vera Blue)
Rushing Back (feat. Vera Blue) [Petit Biscuit Remix] - Single Electronic
9:30 PM
Biicla - Deeper (feat. MODENESS)
Biicla Deeper (feat. MODENESS)
Deeper (feat. MODENESS) - Single Good Luck Have Fun Records Electronic
9:33 PM
Veorra - Set Free
Veorra Set Free
Ruby - EP JASBA Records
9:37 PM
Sam Sure - Hunger
Sam Sure Hunger
Hunger - EP Black Butter Records
9:40 PM
Coopex - Dance Monkey
Coopex Dance Monkey
Dance Monkey - Single Magic Records Electronic
9:43 PM
3LAU - Tokyo (feat. Xira)
3LAU Tokyo (feat. Xira)
Tokyo (feat. Xira) - Single Anjunabeats
9:51 PM
Cr3on - Hoping for Your Call
Cr3on Hoping for Your Call
Hoping for Your Call - Single PM Recordings
9:53 PM
Devault - Sapphire
Devault Sapphire
Sapphire - Single Insomniac Records Electronic
9:56 PM
Eclypxe - Find You
Eclypxe Find You
Find You - Single Frequency Music