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bird sounds

Jan 12, 2022 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Your Friendly Local Bird-Themed Noise Maker

Electronic chirps and songs I've picked up along my journeys. Dancing is optional.

Eclectic & mostly optimistic, with guest appearances from our avian friends

bird sounds
9:07 PM
33per - Just Ice
33per Just Ice
Just Ice (single)
9:10 PM
bh9090 - Hope Fades
bh9090 Hope Fades
Hope Fades (single)
9:13 PM
Vasco X Vasco - Drift
Vasco X Vasco Drift
Drift (single)
9:19 PM
jmqjmq - Santa Phase
jmqjmq Santa Phase
Santa Phase
9:23 PM
The Exponent - Spark
The Exponent Spark
Spark (single)
9:26 PM
treeheated - I/You
treeheated I/You
I/You (single)
9:31 PM
Davi-DJ - Winter Solstice
Davi-DJ Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice (single)
9:37 PM
Daaf 81 - Dolphins Grace
Daaf 81 Dolphins Grace
Dolphins Grace (single)
9:40 PM
vert-⬡ - I, Q
vert-⬡ I, Q
I, Q (single)
9:44 PM
Voljum - Components
Voljum Components
Dayscapes - EP Inspected Electronic
9:50 PM
Patricia Taxxon - Vinhos
Patricia Taxxon Vinhos
Sapphire Apts
9:55 PM
Sevish - In the Zoon
Sevish In the Zoon
Horixens Sevish Electronic