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Thinky and the Brain

Feb 8, 2022 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Daytime Rock

With Three Bears in a Coat

The New show coming from Ride Along's 3 Bears in a Coat, and Nautical Nonsense's hermajesty comes Thinky and the Brain; Two hours straight of indie banter, indie bangers and indie bears. Not just music but also a variety show that may include but is not limited to trivia, band interviews, podcast broadcasts, and of course banter between the two coworkers as well as guests.

Thinky and the Brain
5:02 PM
Zuli Jr. - Out of The Blue
Zuli Jr. Out of The Blue
Stop it God. Nurtured Ideas
5:05 PM
Court Verano - Tin Man
Court Verano Tin Man
Tin Man - Single Grapefruit Music Group
5:10 PM
Letters to Lions - Concrete Jungle
Letters to Lions Concrete Jungle
Grays Point - EP Indica Australia
5:14 PM
CLEWS - Cuban Heel
CLEWS Cuban Heel
Loveluck Omens - EP Wonderlick
5:17 PM
Kitten - G# - EP Version
Kitten G# - EP Version
Cut It Out EP
5:22 PM
Hotel Fiction - Astronaut Kids
Hotel Fiction Astronaut Kids
Soft Focus Hotel Fiction
5:32 PM
G Flip - Scream (feat. UPSAHL)
G Flip Scream (feat. UPSAHL)
Scream (feat. UPSAHL) - Single Virgin Music UK LAS (License External)
5:35 PM
Lalić - Glass
Lalić Glass
Broken Foot Rabbit Hole Lalić
5:37 PM
Sorry - Cigarette Packet
Sorry Cigarette Packet
Separate / Cigarette Packet - Single Domino Recording Co
5:40 PM
Gardens & Villa - Disco Kitchen
Gardens & Villa Disco Kitchen
Disco Kitchen - Single Gardens & Villa
5:43 PM
Radiation City - Dirty Looks
Radiation City Dirty Looks
Coda - EP Polyvinyl Records
5:47 PM
Triptides - Highway Sun
Triptides Highway Sun
Highway Sun - Single
5:51 PM
illuminati hotties - Sandwich Sharer
illuminati hotties Sandwich Sharer
Sandwich Sharer - Single Snack Shack Tracks / Hopeless Records
5:54 PM
Peaness - How I'm Feeling
Peaness How I'm Feeling
How I'm Feeling - Single Totally Snick Records
5:58 PM
Water From Your Eyes - Track Five
Water From Your Eyes Track Five
Water from Your Eyes on Audiotree Live - EP
6:09 PM
*repeat repeat - Arrangements
*repeat repeat Arrangements
Arrangements - Single *repeat repeat
6:12 PM
St.Arnaud - Catching Flies
St.Arnaud Catching Flies
Catching Flies - Single Fierce Panda Canada / Fontana North Indie Rock
6:15 PM
COIN - Cutie
COIN Cutie
Cutie - Single HomeMade Projects / 10K Projects
6:18 PM
Glowbug - Entertainer (feat. Michael Harris)
Glowbug Entertainer (feat. Michael Harris)
Entertainer - Single (feat. Michael Harris) - Single Glowbug
6:21 PM
The 5:55 - Drivin' Me Mad
The 5:55 Drivin' Me Mad
Focus Moron The 5:55
6:25 PM
Life I Wanted - Single Echo Deco
6:30 PM
Co-Stanza - Bubble
Co-Stanza Bubble
Bubble - Single Co-Stanza
6:33 PM
Bad Suns - Life Was Easier When I Only Cared About Me
Bad Suns Life Was Easier When I Only Cared About Me
Apocalypse Whenever Epitaph
6:37 PM
GRMLN & TAESAN - Revolution
GRMLN & TAESAN Revolution
Revolution - Single
6:39 PM
The Crystal Casino Band - Twenty-something Socialist
The Crystal Casino Band Twenty-something Socialist
Twenty-something Socialist - Single Crystal Casino Band LLC
6:43 PM
Take Lead - Ballroom Kiss
Take Lead Ballroom Kiss
Bail Out - EP The Loft Productions
6:46 PM
Blonds - I Know Your Name
Blonds I Know Your Name
I Know Your Name - Single
6:50 PM
The Axidents - Shirts Off
The Axidents Shirts Off
Shirts Off - Single 660623 Records DK
6:55 PM
Kerrin Connolly - Sad
Kerrin Connolly Sad
Sad - Single Tarantucat Records
6:57 PM
Leland Blue - Vhs
Leland Blue Vhs
Vhs - Single Sol House