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Broadcasting Buffet

Nov 30, 2022 5:00 PM â€“ 6:00 PM

Specialty Show

With Fullmetal Racket

WKNC's very own variety hour with a new DJ and theme each week!!! Will you be hearing some old school rock? Jazz? Elevator music??? Tune in every Wednesday and find out...

Anime Music w/ Artzoid and FULLMETAL RACKET

Broadcasting Buffet
5:02 PM
Kenshi Yonezu - KICK BACK
Kenshi Yonezu KICK BACK
KICK BACK - Single Sony Music Labels Inc.
5:05 PM
Hiroyuki Sawano - 犬Kあ3L
Hiroyuki Sawano 犬Kあ3L
ギルティクラウン オリジナルサウンドトラック Aniplex Inc.
5:11 PM
BLOODY STREAM - Single Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
5:15 PM
MOB CHOIR feat. sajou no hana - 99.9
MOB CHOIR feat. sajou no hana 99.9
99.9 ~TVアニメ モブサイコ100 Ⅱ OP~ - Single Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
5:19 PM
(K)NoW_NAME - Welcome トゥ 混沌
(K)NoW_NAME Welcome トゥ 混沌
TVアニメ「ドロヘドロ」オープニングテーマ「Welcome トゥ 混沌」 - EP TOHO animationRECORDS
5:23 PM
Yasuharu Takanashi - Erza's Theme
Yasuharu Takanashi Erza's Theme
"Fairy Tail" Original Soundtrack Vol.2
5:26 PM
YUI - again
YUI again
HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN Sony Music Labels Inc.
5:31 PM
Do As Infinity - 真実の詩
Do As Infinity 真実の詩
True Song avex trax
5:35 PM
Tsuneo Imahori - H.T
Tsuneo Imahori H.T
Trigun the First Donuts (Original Soundtrack) Victor
5:37 PM
Mai Yamane - The Real Folk Blues
Mai Yamane The Real Folk Blues
Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless Victor
5:44 PM
9mm Parabellum Bullet - インフェルノ
9mm Parabellum Bullet インフェルノ
インフェルノ - Single NBCUniversal Entertainment
5:46 PM
chelmico - Easy Breezy
chelmico Easy Breezy
Easy Breezy - Single WM Japan
5:50 PM
沢田 完 - 自転車は楽しいかァ!?
沢田 完 自転車は楽しいかァ!?
TVアニメ「弱虫ペダル NEW GENERATION」オリジナル・サウンドトラック TOHO animaitonRECORDS
5:53 PM
Hitomi - Innocent Days
Hitomi Innocent Days
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Original Soundtrack 2 Victor
5:58 PM
High Voltage - UNDERGROUND