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Made To Order

Jan 17, 2023 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Daytime Rock


A variety of my favorite indie rock, pop, punk, shoegaze, emo, and more!

fav 2022 releases

my favorite releases of 2022!

Made To Order
10:00 AM
illuminati hotties - Sandwich Sharer
illuminati hotties Sandwich Sharer
Sandwich Sharer - Single Snack Shack Tracks / Hopeless Records
10:04 AM
Big Thief - Simulation Swarm
Big Thief Simulation Swarm
Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You 4AD
10:09 AM
Nilüfer Yanya - shameless
Nilüfer Yanya shameless
PAINLESS ATO Records / Fontana North
10:13 AM
beabadoobee - Talk
beabadoobee Talk
Beatopia Dirty Hit
10:16 AM
Camp Cope - Blue
Camp Cope Blue
Running with the Hurricane Poison City Records
10:19 AM
Pool Kids - That's Physics, Baby
Pool Kids That's Physics, Baby
Pool Kids Skeletal Lightning Indie Rock
10:23 AM
Jany Green - Change
Jany Green Change
Change - Single Eat What You Kill
10:26 AM
Junior Varsity - Tamarin
Junior Varsity Tamarin
SIDE B - EP Warner Records
10:30 AM
Soft Blue Shimmer - Prism of Feeling
Soft Blue Shimmer Prism of Feeling
Love Lives in the Body Other People Records
10:35 AM
Alvvays - After the Earthquake
Alvvays After the Earthquake
Blue Rev Polyvinyl Records
10:38 AM
Ginger Root - Loneliness
Ginger Root Loneliness
Nisemono - EP Acrophase Records
10:41 AM
Ravyn Lenae - Satellites
Ravyn Lenae Satellites
Hypnos Atlantic Records Electronic
10:47 AM
Magdalena Bay - All You Do
Magdalena Bay All You Do
Mercurial World (Deluxe) Luminelle Recordings
10:51 AM
Caroline Polachek - Billions
Caroline Polachek Billions
Billions - Single Perpetual Novice
10:56 AM
Charli XCX - Twice
Charli XCX Twice
CRASH Atlantic Records UK