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some songs are better than others

Mar 10, 2023 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Daytime Rock

With last name utt

do not ask me about minecraft

24 - 3/10/23

some songs are better than others
2:32 PM
dip in the pool - maroon suit
dip in the pool maroon suit
3:02 PM
Pavement - We Are Underused
Pavement We Are Underused
Brighten the Corners Matador Indie Rock
3:06 PM
dip in the pool - Maroon Suit
dip in the pool Maroon Suit
3:10 PM
Gary Davenport - Romanticizing Again
Gary Davenport Romanticizing Again
Scattered Thoughts - Single Numero Group
3:13 PM
Mitch Margo - Full Moon
Mitch Margo Full Moon
Abcdefg Be Cool Records
3:17 PM
Alex Arauz - Monitor
Alex Arauz Monitor
Half Baked - EP alex inc.
3:20 PM
XTC - Yacht Dance
XTC Yacht Dance
English Settlement Virgin Records
3:24 PM
Options - Toast
Options Toast
Swimming Feeling 565568 Records DK
3:26 PM
Mid-Air Thief - Seismic
Mid-Air Thief Seismic
Gongjoong Doduk Mid-Air Thief
3:29 PM
Soft Location - Diamonds and Gems
Soft Location Diamonds and Gems
Diamonds and Gems MuddyMitten
3:32 PM
Tamba 4 - San Salvador
Tamba 4 San Salvador
Samba Blim A&M JAZZ
3:35 PM
Pram - Sleepy Sweet
Pram Sleepy Sweet
North Pole Radio Station Domino Recording Co
3:42 PM
Evinha - Teto de Louca
Evinha Teto de Louca
Eva Universal Music Ltda.
3:45 PM
bar italia - Nurse!
bar italia Nurse!
Nurse! - Single
3:48 PM
The Clientele - 6am Morningside
The Clientele 6am Morningside
Suburban Light (Remastered) Merge Records
3:50 PM
The Taxidermists - Ee
The Taxidermists Ee
Tax Feeding Tube Records
3:52 PM
Lots of Hands - Forklift
Lots of Hands Forklift
Forklift - Single lots of hands records
3:56 PM
Saint Etienne - Spring
Saint Etienne Spring
Foxbase Alpha WM Japan Electronic