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The Equivalent Exchange

Oct 27, 2023 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Daytime Rock

With Fullmetal Racket

"If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the law of equivalent exchange; the basis of all alchemy. In accordance to this law, there is a taboo-" yeah, yeah i think you get the reference. you listen, i play, every wednesday from 4-5pm.

The Equivalent Exchange
5:02 PM
The Toasters - Frankenska
The Toasters Frankenska
Thrill Me Up Charly Digital
5:04 PM
The Aquabats! - Cat with 2 Heads!
The Aquabats! Cat with 2 Heads!
The Fury of the Aquabats! Goldenvoice
5:08 PM
Buck-O-Nine - Don't Be Afraid
Buck-O-Nine Don't Be Afraid
FunDayMental Cleopatra Records
5:11 PM
Mephiskapheles - Doomsday
Mephiskapheles Doomsday
God Bless Satan (Bonus Track Version) [Remastered] Pass The Virgin Records
5:15 PM
Machine Girl - The Fortress (The Blood Inside...)
Machine Girl The Fortress (The Blood Inside...)
U-Void Synthesizer Machine Girl
5:19 PM
DR. GABBA - Plasma
DR. GABBA Plasma
5:24 PM
DODDODO - exciseise of mouth
DODDODO exciseise of mouth
5:28 PM
dj.Neyt - Paper Poison
dj.Neyt Paper Poison
Paper Poison - Single 2668890 Records DK
5:31 PM
kiichi - ヴァルゴ (feat. 巡音ルカ)
kiichi ヴァルゴ (feat. 巡音ルカ)
審問少女 VS 青春の殺人者 EP KarenT Electronic
5:35 PM
yeule - Bites on My Neck
yeule Bites on My Neck
Glitch Princess P-VINE RECORDS
5:40 PM
Lumi Athena - Icewhore!
Lumi Athena Icewhore!
Icewhore! - Single 25/7 Records LLC. Electronic
5:42 PM
Egofear - Hellscape
Egofear Hellscape
Hellscape - Single Hypercube Records
5:45 PM
Mikau - Nechryael
Mikau Nechryael
Abandonware - EP Mikau Heavy Metal
5:52 PM
Gif from God - Mandoorhandhookcardoor
Gif from God Mandoorhandhookcardoor
Approximation_of_a_human Prosthetic Records Heavy Metal
5:55 PM
Gulch - Self-Inflicted Mental Terror
Gulch Self-Inflicted Mental Terror
5:57 PM
Hazing Over - Ungodly
Hazing Over Ungodly
Pestilence - EP Acrobat Unstable Records and Many Hats Distribution