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The Equivalent Exchange

Jan 12, 2024 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Daytime Rock

With Fullmetal Racket

"If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the law of equivalent exchange; the basis of all alchemy. In accordance to this law, there is a taboo-" yeah, yeah i think you get the reference. you listen, i play, every friday from 5-6pm.

The Equivalent Exchange
5:03 PM
Plastic Presidents - Chains
Plastic Presidents Chains
Good Times Can't Last Ska Punk International Records
5:06 PM
Fishbone - Cubicle
Fishbone Cubicle
Fishbone - EP Bottles to the Ground
5:10 PM
Corrupt Vision - Endless Eights
Corrupt Vision Endless Eights
Endless Eights - Single No Time Records
5:12 PM
Omnigone - Communities In Collaboration
Omnigone Communities In Collaboration
Against the Rest Bad Time Records
5:14 PM
Golden Serpent Holy Tabernacle Prt. 1
5:16 PM
Jeff Rosenstock - Head
Jeff Rosenstock Head
Hellmode Polyvinyl Records
5:18 PM
Initiate - Alone At the Bottom
Initiate Alone At the Bottom
Cerebral Circus Triple B Records
5:22 PM
Restraining Order - Misled
Restraining Order Misled
Locked In Time Triple B Records
5:24 PM
Gouge Away - Stuck in a Dream
Gouge Away Stuck in a Dream
Deep Sage
5:27 PM
Scowl - Wired
Scowl Wired
Psychic Dance Routine - EP Flatspot Records Heavy Metal
5:29 PM
Johnny Booth - Collapse in the Key of Fireworks
Johnny Booth Collapse in the Key of Fireworks
Moments Elsewhere Booth Records Heavy Metal
5:32 PM
Buggin - Concrete Cowboys
Buggin Concrete Cowboys
Concrete Cowboys Flatspot Records Heavy Metal
5:35 PM
Circuit Circuit - Deleted Skin
Circuit Circuit Deleted Skin
Body Songs - EP Circuit Circuit Heavy Metal
5:39 PM
Hazing Over - Tunnel Vision
Hazing Over Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision - EP 1126 Records Heavy Metal
5:41 PM
Anklebiter - Catharsis
Anklebiter Catharsis
To Live and Withstand Sunday Drive
5:44 PM
Thoughtcrimes - Natural Imprudence
Thoughtcrimes Natural Imprudence
Rose Bather - Single Pure Noise Records Heavy Metal
5:46 PM
Drain - FTS (KYS)
Drain FTS (KYS)
LIVING PROOF Epitaph Heavy Metal
5:48 PM
World of Pleasure - Uzis Akimbo
World of Pleasure Uzis Akimbo
Weapon of Pleasure - EP DAZE
5:51 PM
Soulkeeper - Hyperfine Transition
Soulkeeper Hyperfine Transition
Holy Design 1351155 Records DK2 Heavy Metal
5:55 PM
Portrayal of Guilt - Devil Music
Portrayal of Guilt Devil Music
Devil Music Run For Cover Records Indie Rock