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Modern Girl

Feb 21, 2024 10:00 AM β€“ 11:00 AM

Daytime Rock

With space cadet

playing new and classic indie rock along with a bunch of different music i’m into at the moment. the perfect playlist for a modern girl

Mind-numbing music

Modern Girl
10:01 AM
Full Body 2 - Wonder Limit
Full Body 2 Wonder Limit
Infinity Signature - EP Full Body 2
10:06 AM
Casino Versus Japan - It's Very Sunny
Casino Versus Japan It's Very Sunny
Go Hawaii Wobblyhead Electronic
10:12 AM
Herrmann & Kleine - Kickboard Girl
Herrmann & Kleine Kickboard Girl
Kickboard Girl - EP Morr Music Electronic
10:20 AM
Kitty Craft - Alright
Kitty Craft Alright
Beats and Breaks from the Flower Patch Takotsubo Records Electronic
10:26 AM
Stereolab - International Colouring Contest
Stereolab International Colouring Contest
Mars Audiac Quintet Duophonic Electronic
10:29 AM
yes,mama ok? - Runnin' Away
yes,mama ok? Runnin' Away
γ‚³γƒΌγƒ’γƒΌγ‚«γƒƒγƒ—γ§γƒ©γƒ³γƒ‡γƒ΄γƒΌγ£γ¦ζœ€ι«˜γ‚ˆ - EP Living,Dining&kitchen Records
10:33 AM
jenny01 - Interval
jenny01 Interval
cluster number01 Records
10:35 AM
Locust - Summer Rain
Locust Summer Rain
Morning Light Apollo Electronic
10:39 AM
Sugar Plant - butterfly
Sugar Plant butterfly
10:45 AM
Ozean - Scenic
Ozean Scenic
Ozean - Single
10:49 AM
Guitar - Sunkissed
Guitar Sunkissed
Sunkissed Morr Music Electronic
10:56 AM
Orange Cake Mix - Close to Heaven / Always By Your Side
Orange Cake Mix Close to Heaven / Always By Your Side
Silver Lining Underwater: Bliss Out V.3 Darla Records Electronic