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Fresh New Music

Sep 10, 2020 1:00 PM â€“ 2:00 PM


With Jeremy

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Fresh New Music
1:00 PM
Samia - Fit N Full
Samia Fit N Full N
The Baby Grand Jury 2020 QM5BK1900326
1:03 PM
Dirty Projectors - Holy Mackerel
Dirty Projectors Holy Mackerel N
Super João - EP Domino 2020 GBCEL1900779
1:07 PM
Jyoti - The Cowrie Waltz
Jyoti The Cowrie Waltz N
Mama, You Can Bet! eOne Music / SomeOthaShip Connect 2020 Jazz CAK472002002
1:11 PM
Bebel Gilberto - Agora
Bebel Gilberto Agora N
Agora [PIAS] 2020 World GBENL1902643
1:14 PM
Tricky - I'm In the Doorway (feat. Oh Land)
Tricky I'm In the Doorway (feat. Oh Land) N
Fall to Pieces False Idols 2020 DEG932002243
1:17 PM
PVRIS - Hallucinations
PVRIS Hallucinations N
Use Me Warner Records 2020 USWB11901423
1:21 PM
Vita and the Woolf - Home
Vita and the Woolf Home N
Anna Ohio Tender Loving Empire 2020 QMM3X2008803
1:24 PM
Declan McKenna - Daniel, You're Still a Child
Declan McKenna Daniel, You're Still a Child N
Zeros Columbia 2020 GBARL1901433
1:29 PM
Throwing Muses - Dark Blue
Throwing Muses Dark Blue N
Sun Racket Fire Records 2020 GBCKK2057401
1:33 PM
Dream Nails - Jillian
Dream Nails Jillian N
Dream Nails Dine Alone 2020 GBZ521919101
1:36 PM
standards - Starfish
standards Starfish N
Fruit Island Topshelf Records 2020 USEZ62021804
1:38 PM
Lawn - Jane Ryan
Lawn Jane Ryan N
Johnny Muscle Beach Records 2020 QM6N22036001
1:43 PM
Lomelda - Wonder
Lomelda Wonder N
Hannah Double Double Whammy 2020 QZAZS2007304
1:46 PM
Caitlin Pasko - To the Leaves
Caitlin Pasko To the Leaves N
Greenhouse Self-Released 2020 USA2B2057589
1:51 PM
Josiah Johnson - Nobody Knows
Josiah Johnson Nobody Knows N
Every Feeling on a Loop ANTI- 2020 USEP42006003
1:55 PM
Bill Callahan - Protest Song
Bill Callahan Protest Song N
Gold Record Drag City Records 2020 US58L2076004