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Fresh New Music

Sep 17, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


With Jeremy

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Fresh New Music
1:00 PM
Coupons - Moz Disco
Coupons Moz Disco N
Up & Up Counter Intuitive Records LLC 2020 QM6N22002388
1:04 PM
San Cisco - Messages
San Cisco Messages N
Between You and Me Nettwerk Records 2020 AUMGB2000322
1:07 PM
The Happy Fits - No Instructions
The Happy Fits No Instructions N
What Could Be Better The Happy Fits Records 2020 QM6MZ2094856
1:11 PM
Chuck Is a Band - Waiting
Chuck Is a Band Waiting N
Tender Kid - EP Wy Guy Records 2020 QZK6N2009126
1:14 PM
OSees - If I Had My Way
OSees If I Had My Way N
Protean Threat Castle Face Records 2020
1:17 PM
Hollow Fortyfives - Get Out
Hollow Fortyfives Get Out N
Weekender - EP Baby Robot Records LLC 2020 USANG2003315
1:20 PM
Sunship Balloon - A4 Life
Sunship Balloon A4 Life N
Everywhen Self-Released 2020
1:23 PM
Doves - Prisoners
Doves Prisoners N
The Universal Want EMI / Heavenly Recordings 2020 GBUM72002626
1:28 PM
Photo Ops - Play On
Photo Ops Play On N
Pure at Heart Western Vinyl 2020 US78L2021303
1:32 PM
Rae Fitzgerald - Lonely Listener
Rae Fitzgerald Lonely Listener N
Lonely Listener - EP Keeled Scales 2020 QZEPW1900502
1:35 PM
Jonas Carping - Time Will Tell
Jonas Carping Time Will Tell N
Strangers Self-Released 2020
1:39 PM
Katherine de Rosset - Sacred
Katherine de Rosset Sacred N
The Tower Self-Released 2020 QZK6L2024006
1:43 PM
Everything Everything - Violent Sun
Everything Everything Violent Sun N
Re-Animator AWAL Recordings 2020 GBWWP2005912
1:47 PM
St. Panther - These Days
St. Panther These Days N
These Days - EP Nice Life Recording Company and How So Records 2020 R&B/Soul US25X2002342
1:51 PM
Sly5thAve - What It Is (feat. Scienze & Lexus)
Sly5thAve What It Is (feat. Scienze & Lexus) N
What It Is Tru Thoughts 2020 GBEUE2000023
1:56 PM
Cults - Trials
Cults Trials N
Host Sinderlyn 2020 QM8QH2000739