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Fresh New Music

Jun 26, 2019 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


With Jeremy

Fresh New Music
1:00 PM
Hatchie - Obsessed
Hatchie Obsessed N
Keepsake Double Double Whammy 2019 AULI01821480
1:05 PM
Hot Chip - Melody of Love
Hot Chip Melody of Love N
A Bath Full of Ecstasy Domino 2019 GBCEL1900021
1:10 PM
Holy Ghost! - Do This
Holy Ghost! Do This N
Work West End Records 2019 QMRSZ1900327
1:13 PM
Quantic - Motivic Retrograde
Quantic Motivic Retrograde N
Atlantic Oscillations Tru Thoughts 2019 Electronica GBEUE1900020
1:17 PM
Brijean - Walkie Talkie
Brijean Walkie Talkie N
Walkie Talkie Native Cat Recordings 2019 SEYOK1927520
1:21 PM
Samana - Harvest
Samana Harvest N
Ascension FatCat Records 2019 Folk GBDCA1803439
1:26 PM
Slowness - Berlin
Slowness Berlin N
Berths Schoolkids Records 2019 USPSZ1900003
1:31 PM
Horse Jumper of Love - Airport
Horse Jumper of Love Airport N
So Divine Run For Cover Records, LLC 2019 QMCE71302293
1:34 PM
Summer Cannibals - False Anthem
Summer Cannibals False Anthem N
Can't Tell Me No Tiny Engines 2019 QMZPB1900449
1:37 PM
Plague Vendor - New Comedown
Plague Vendor New Comedown N
By Night Epitaph 2019 USEP41838017
1:40 PM
Mannequin Pussy - Patience
Mannequin Pussy Patience N
Patience Epitaph 2019 USEP41906011
1:43 PM
Titus Andronicus - (I Blame) Society
Titus Andronicus (I Blame) Society N
An Obelisk Merge Records 2019 USMRG1967603
1:46 PM
Prettiest Eyes - Nekrodisco
Prettiest Eyes Nekrodisco N
Volume 3 Castle Face 2019
1:49 PM
Gringo Star - Make You Mine - Live in Atlanta
Gringo Star Make You Mine - Live in Atlanta N
Controlled Burn (Live in Atlanta) Baby Robot Records LLC 2019 US3DF1943524
1:52 PM
The Raconteurs - Help Me Stranger
The Raconteurs Help Me Stranger N
Help Us Stranger Third Man Records 2019 US3JJ1900050
1:57 PM
Bill Callahan - Angela
Bill Callahan Angela N
Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest Drag City Records 2019 US58L1974703