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Fresh New Music

Aug 5, 2019 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Jeremy

Fresh New Music
5:00 PM
Florist - Moon Begins
Florist Moon Begins N
Emily Alone Double Double Whammy 2019 QZAZS1906102
5:03 PM
Charlie Cunningham - Permanent Way
Charlie Cunningham Permanent Way N
Permanent Way BMG 2019 GB5KW1900175
5:07 PM
Kirin J Callinan - It Takes a Muscle To Fall In Love
Kirin J Callinan It Takes a Muscle To Fall In Love N
Return To Center Terrible Records 2019 AUUM71900245
5:12 PM
Ada Lea - the party
Ada Lea the party N
what we say in private Saddle Creek 2019 CAO371912703
5:15 PM
Long Beard - Sweetheart
Long Beard Sweetheart N
Means To Me Double Double Whammy 2019 QZAZS1906204
5:20 PM
Teen Body - Validation
Teen Body Validation N
Dreamo Broken Circles 2019 QM6P41898230
5:24 PM
Imperial Teen - Walkaway
Imperial Teen Walkaway N
Now We Are Timeless Merge Records 2019 USMRG1969304
5:27 PM
Generationals - Breaking Your Silence
Generationals Breaking Your Silence N
Reader As Detective Polyvinyl Records 2019 US3R41938203
5:31 PM
Tuxedo - You & Me
Tuxedo You & Me N
Tuxedo III Funk on Sight 2019 US25X1900908
5:34 PM
Dorian Electra - Career Boy
Dorian Electra Career Boy N
Flamboyant Self-Released 2019 USYBL1800909
5:38 PM
Plastic Picnic - September Second
Plastic Picnic September Second N
Vistalite - EP Self-Released 2019 QZES91998684
5:41 PM
Nathan Bajar - Devil Girl
Nathan Bajar Devil Girl N
Playroom In Real Life Music 2019 R&B/Soul GBKPL1946106
5:45 PM
Hunny - Saturday Night (feat. Bleached)
Hunny Saturday Night (feat. Bleached) N
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Epitaph 2019 USEP41922012
5:47 PM
Goon - Check Engine Light
Goon Check Engine Light N
Heaven is Humming Partisan Records 2019 USBQU1900010
5:50 PM
Sleepwalkers - Ages
Sleepwalkers Ages N
Ages Spacebomb Records LLC 2019 QMDN21800043
5:55 PM
Angelica Garcia - It Don't Hinder Me
Angelica Garcia It Don't Hinder Me N
It Don't Hinder Me - Single Spacebomb Records LLC 2019 QMDN21900064