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Fresh New Music

Oct 6, 2019 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Jeremy

Fresh New Music
2:00 PM
Boy Scouts - Get Well Soon
Boy Scouts Get Well Soon N
Free Company ANTI- 2019 USEP41927010
2:04 PM
Joan Shelley - The Fading
Joan Shelley The Fading N
Like the River Loves the Sea No Quarter 2019 Folk USLKU1963006
2:07 PM
Longriver - Wasting Time
Longriver Wasting Time N
Of Seasons Hullabaloo Records 2019
2:11 PM
Whitney - Valleys (My Love)
Whitney Valleys (My Love) N
Forever Turned Around Secretly Canadian 2019 US38W1937705
2:15 PM
Dylan Moon - Blue Jean
Dylan Moon Blue Jean N
Only the Blues RVNG Intl. 2019 US6PQ1900065
2:18 PM
Babe Rainbow - Many Moons Of Love
Babe Rainbow Many Moons Of Love N
Today 30th Century Records 2019 Folk AUTZK1900011
2:22 PM
Rose Dorn - Shaking
Rose Dorn Shaking N
Days You Were Leaving Bar/None Records 2019 US37V1906702
2:25 PM
Frankie Cosmos - Windows
Frankie Cosmos Windows N
Close It Quietly Sub Pop Records 2019 USSUB1932008
2:28 PM
Queen of Jeans - All the Same
Queen of Jeans All the Same N
if You're not afraid, i'm not afraid Topshelf Records 2019 USEZ61920202
2:32 PM
The Futureheads - Jekyll
The Futureheads Jekyll N
Powers Nul Records 2019 QM6MZ1924433
2:36 PM
Moonlight Breakfast - Dance Moves
Moonlight Breakfast Dance Moves N
Affection Echoism Records 2019 QM6MZ1953973
2:40 PM
!!! - Couldn't Have Known
!!! Couldn't Have Known N
Wallop Warp Records 2019 GBBPW1900081
2:44 PM
Velvet Negroni - WINE GREEN
Velvet Negroni WINE GREEN N
NEON BROWN 4AD 2019 R&B/Soul GBAFL1900024
2:48 PM
Caravan Palace - Miracle
Caravan Palace Miracle N
Chronologic Le Plan Recordings 2019 FR9W11827929
2:51 PM
G Flip - I Am Not Afraid
G Flip I Am Not Afraid N
About Us Future Classic 2019 GBUM71901317
2:56 PM
Sudan Archives - Confessions
Sudan Archives Confessions N
Confessions - Single Stones Throw 2019 R&B/Soul US2S71912002