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Underground, Literally

Student-run radio -- University Of Maine, Orono

WMEB 91.9 Orono, Maine

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9:00 PMVectors and Origins (unset) with Henry Hill
8:00 AMTheater Talk! (unset) with Erin
9:00 AMWest Of The Fields (Music) with Travis
12:00 PMWhere Every Gnome Goes Yonder (unset) with Wegmaster-flex
6:00 PMMile Markers (unset) with Nicholas


4:00 PMDowneast Cadence (Music) with liz
12:00 PMEcho Chamber (Music) with Jamie
9:00 AMEverything but Phish (Music) with Friskyfiske
8:00 PM100% Pulp (unset) with Jess
10:00 AMThe Boardwalk Dog (Music) with Ronnie Rabbit