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The B&H Family Show

Sep 19, 2019 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With lil.hues, Luke Brishoots

Music and Baseball

The B&H Family Show

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The Smol Cactus Radio Hour

Sep 19, 2019 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Tolstoy

Welcome to the Smol Cactus Radio Hour! From Metric to Vaporwave and back again, come for some of the raddest tunes you've ever heard this week.

The Smol Cactus Radio Hour
11:07 PM
Chinese Football - Electronic Girl
Chinese Football Electronic Girl
Here Comes a New Challenger! - EP WILD RECORDS 2017 Rock CNA131700043
11:00 PM
Eagle Eyed Tiger - Frontier
Eagle Eyed Tiger Frontier
Frontier - Single Orbital Rendezvous 2019 QZFZ71921294
10:59 PM
nelward - Unconditional Crust
nelward Unconditional Crust
My Brain Is Made of Candy / Unconditional Crust - Single nelward 2019 QZFZ71960990
10:53 PM
Narrow Head - Satellite
Narrow Head Satellite
Coursing Through - Single Advanced Perspective 2019 Rock QZHN41903419
10:49 PM
Alex Cameron - Stepdad
Alex Cameron Stepdad Alex Cameron
Miami Memory Secretly Canadian 2019 Rock US38W1937803
10:48 PM
Android Apartment - Victoria's Affair (feat. Android Apartment)
Android Apartment Victoria's Affair (feat. Android Apartment)
Victoria's Affair (feat. Android Apartment) - Single 633639 Records DK 2019 QZHN31911195
10:38 PM
Avionics - Shores
Avionics Shores
Shores - Single Soda Island 2016 TCACM1621994
10:31 PM
Metric - Clone
Metric Clone Emily Haines
Synthetica Arts&Crafts Mexico 2012 CARB71211209
10:28 PM
Charli XCX - White Mercedes
Charli XCX White Mercedes
Charli Asylum 2019 TCABJ1280126
10:20 PM
Starscream - Gravity in Terms of Space-Time
Starscream Gravity in Terms of Space-Time
Future, And It Doesn't Work + Remixes Starscream 2010 Rock TCAAT1050402
10:16 PM
meganeko - Slime Boy Color
meganeko Slime Boy Color
Boy Irl Girl Url - EP Record Union 2015
10:11 PM
Crying - Vacation
Crying Vacation
Get Olde / Second Wind Run For Cover Records, LLC 2014 QMCE71300195
10:07 PM
Bridal Party - Fruitless
Bridal Party Fruitless
Negative Space - EP 594052 Records DK 2017 QZES51871486
10:05 PM
Tokyo Police Club - Bambi
Tokyo Police Club Bambi
Bambi - Single Memphis Industries 2010 USQE91000013
10:01 PM
Rosemary Fairweather - Chemicals
Rosemary Fairweather Chemicals
Chemicals - Single Universal Music Canada 2018 USDY41631599

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