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Jam Labs

Apr 18, 2019 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With djpuravida

Hypnotize tufts students with a blend of indie alt-pop-rock and some occasional banter, all curated by your local punjabi premed and costa rican smfa reject. occasional shows focusing on (1) of the following: music in spanish / reggaeton / french pop / hindi folk / soul

Jam Labs
4:30 PM
Her - Swim (feat. Zefire)
Her Swim (feat. Zefire)
Her Barclay 2017 FR9W11712761
4:29 PM
Hypnolove - Holiday Reverie
Hypnolove Holiday Reverie
Ghost Carnival Record Makers 2013 FRS711100100
4:22 PM
Bleu Toucan - Martin a Toucanopolis
Bleu Toucan Martin a Toucanopolis
4:15 PM
Paradis - Instantané
Paradis Instantané
Recto Verso Universal Music Division Barclay 2016 FRUM71600353
4:11 PM
Parcels - Older
Parcels Older
Older Kitsuné Music 2016 Rock
4:10 PM
Kazy Lambist - Love Song (feat. Glasses)
Kazy Lambist Love Song (feat. Glasses)
Love Song (feat. Glasses) - Single Wagram Music / Cinq 7 2018 FR6F31800110
4:02 PM
La Femme - Witchcraft (Bonus Track)
La Femme Witchcraft (Bonus Track)
Psycho Tropical Berlin (Bonus Track Version) Disque Pointu 2013 FR9W11313024
3:58 PM
Las Aves - N.E.M.
Las Aves N.E.M.
Die In Shanghai Wagram Music / Cinq 7 2016 FR6F31600350

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