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Tufts University student and community freeform radio station, Medford, MA USA

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an hour of rituals and incantations

May 25, 2024 1:00 AM â€“ 2:00 AM


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Freeform radio with Mae Carlsten

an hour of rituals and incantations
1:05 AM
Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes
Gorillaz Rhinestone Eyes
Plastic Beach Alternative
1:02 AM
The Strokes - Soma
The Strokes Soma
Is This It Rock

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2:00 AMSOUNDS ESCAPING... complete and utter chaos (Freeform) with f10nq, crane, C
3:00 AMLizard Soup (Freeform) with housegecko, Newt
4:00 AMJonah's Ridiculous Music that he likes to play (Electronic/Experimental) with Jonahman03
5:00 AMAirBall (Talk) with Luka Zorich, Jonahman03
6:00 AMDeep Dive (Freeform) with Cole