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Kris Earle

Kris Earle is a very famous man from New England. Kris a Disk Jockey. Kris is a published writer. Kris is a performer. Kris is a teacher. Kris is a trainer. Kris is an actor. Kris is a stand-up comic. What a multi-talented man! And handsome! "Time Travel" launched in March 2008. Now it's 2022 and it's called "Triple Play with Kris Earle." Kris continues to broadcast exclusively on WMFO, because he loves Tufts University and Medford, MA. Kris has nothing better to do with his time other than please you. You deserve it. The show normally runs from 5-6pm on Wednesdays, but occasionally the show will make a random bonus landing when you least expect it. Kris often hosted guest comedians, musicians, family and friends, but after years of social distancing before covid-19 hit, all of those people are now curiously missing. 'Triple Play' with Kris Earle." 3 songs from each artist, plus wise-ass commentary. Educates as well as entertains. Now in RED. Size 14 Wide shoe. Fall 2022 - "Real Horror Show" begins and will run through the end of 2022.Horror movie discussion and wizened comedy from Kris and his co-hosts.

Kris Earle

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