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Diamonds in the Dustbin with Frothy Cascade

Nov 19, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Frothy Cascade

Diamonds in the Dustbin with Frothy Cascade
9:04 PM
The Walker Brothers Nite Flights
Nite Flights Columbia 1978 CD Pop
9:07 PM
Barış Manço Fransızca
Ben Bilirim EMRE GRAFSON MÜZİK 1993 Pop/Rock
9:11 PM
David Rosenbloom Souls of Chaos: Section II: The Lights of Holiness
Departure/Souls of Chaos Dark Roots 2000 Classical
9:20 PM
Hearn Gadbois Hickadelic
One Thousand and One Fingers Hearn Gadbois 2006 Pop
9:21 PM
Optiganally Yours Whomever Watches You Sleep
O.Y. in Hi-Fi Joyful Noise Recordings 2018 Electronic
9:25 PM
Aphrodite`s Child The four horsemen
666 VERTIGO 1972 LP Rock
9:32 PM
Dissidenten At the Pyramids
Life At the Pyramids Fuego 2007 World
9:35 PM
Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man (Live)
Cohen Live Columbia/Legacy 1994 Singer/Songwriter
9:41 PM
Scatman John People of the Generation
Everybody Jam! Iceberg Records 1996 Electronic
9:47 PM
Revolver Echo
Punk Federation 2 unknown 2004 Punk
9:49 PM
Pamela Blue Hey There Stranger
My Friend Bobby / Hey There Stranger Decca 1963 Pop/Rock
9:52 PM
Lives of Angels The Rock Drill
Elevator to Eden Dark Entries Records 2012 Alternative
9:57 PM
Eggs A Pit with Spikes
Eggs Teenbeat 96 Exploder Teen-Beat 1994 Pop
10:03 PM
Judy Lynn Hello Mr. D.J.
Hello Mr. D.J. United Artists Records 1965 Country
10:05 PM
Lavender Country Stand on Your Man
Blackberry Rose Don Giovanni Records 2022 Country
10:08 PM
Peter Grudzien Butter and Egg Man
I Kiss The Ground Unicorn Sound 2001 Country
10:12 PM
Lavender Country Straight White Patterns
Lavender Country Paradise of Bachelors 2014 Country
10:17 PM
Bug Guts Androids Don't Secrete
Big Bowl of Warm Fur Corporate Pork Records 1996 Alternative
10:20 PM
Rebby Sharp Some Men
in one mouth and out the other Shimmy Disc 1989 Alternative
10:25 PM
Burning Ghosts Gaslight
Reclamation Tzadik 2017 Jazz
10:27 PM
Cathy Berberian Façade, an Entertainment With Poems by Edith Sitwell: Sir Beelzebub
Hommage à Cathy Berberian Accord 1997 Classical
10:28 PM
Al Rogers & His Rocky Mountain Boys The Hydrogen Bomb
Cold War Countdown: Country Music Goes To War (1952-1972) The Omni Recording Corporation 2019 Country
10:30 PM
Vivian Stanshall Peter Gabriel Ads
n/a n/a 1970 Spoken Word
10:33 PM
Lou Reed Solsbury Hill
Peter Gabriel: And I'll Scratch Yours Real World 2015 CD Rock
10:38 PM
Penny Rimbaud Act 5 (feat. Japanther)
Oh, Magick Kingdom (feat. Japanther) Cold Spring 2018 Jazz
10:41 PM
Dion Mcgregor Mustard Battle
The Dream World Of Dion McGregor (He Talks In His Sleep) Decca 1964 Spoken Word
10:43 PM
The Tape-Beatles Play By Their Rules
A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse Staalplaat 2017 Electronic
10:46 PM
Sound of Rails The Nervous System
Prelude of Hypnotics Caulfield Records 2000 Punk
10:52 PM
ween Buckingham Green (demo)
n/a none 1995 Alternative
Chat is archived.
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:05:58 PM
Hello listeners!!
Celandine 9:17:42 PM
hello fellow diamond diggers & frothy fans
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:18:14 PM
Hey it Celendine!
Celandine 9:19:55 PM
i'm here!
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:20:56 PM
Glad to have you
Celandine 9:25:31 PM
wouldn't miss it for all the junk at the thrift store
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:25:54 PM
lol I would!!! That's a lot of junk
Celandine 9:29:17 PM
ok ok
Celandine 9:29:48 PM
i would probably also chose the junk
Celandine 9:30:19 PM
luckily 5 weeks of shows are archived on wmpg.org
Celandine 9:30:26 PM
no need to chose or miss out!
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:32:37 PM
Celandine 9:36:58 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:37:16 PM
<3 lenny
Celandine 9:38:56 PM
leo <3
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:39:15 PM
lol Leo C.
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:39:33 PM
Len Co
Celandine 9:49:49 PM
the return of pamela blue
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:50:13 PM
she only has two songs and I don't even really like the other one!!
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:50:24 PM
so you know, just play it again
Celandine 9:55:40 PM
Celandine 10:05:42 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:06:02 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:06:59 PM
it's called radio
Celandine 10:09:31 PM
sure is
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:09:40 PM
Celandine 10:17:45 PM
i love this song
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:18:14 PM
It's really something
Celandine 10:19:25 PM
very relatable
Celandine 10:30:47 PM
going to sign off. nice chatting with u frothy!
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:31:04 PM
thanks for stopping by
Celandine 10:31:27 PM