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Diamonds in the Dustbin

Dec 3, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Frothy Cascade

Diamonds in the Dustbin
9:00 PM
Dana Countryman & Jean-Jacques Perrey Furioso Disco (Bran Flakes Mix)
The Happy Electropop Music Machine! Oglio 2006 Electronic
9:07 PM
France Gall Les sucettes
Poupée de son POLYDOR 1975 Pop
9:09 PM
Fred Weinberg Animosity
The Weinberg Method of Nonsynthetic Electronic Rock VISION RECORDS 2011 Classical
9:13 PM
Bassnectar Bass Head R
Timestretch Amorphous Music 2010 MP3 Electronic
9:18 PM
Tony And The Night Flyers Inflation
Inflation A Flat & F Sharp 1972 Country
9:21 PM
Greg Whitehead If A Voice Like Then What?
Tellus #11 - The Sound Of Radio Tellus 1985 Spoken Word
9:22 PM
The Android Sisters Dumb is Fun
Songs Of Electronic Despair ZBS Foundation 1984 Electronic
9:26 PM
Yma Sumac Chicken Talk
The Complete Yma Sumac X5 Music Group 2011 Latin
9:28 PM
Kongar-ol Ondar & Paul "Earthquake" Pena Eki A'ttar (Good Horses)
Genghis Blues TuvaMuch Records 1996 Folk
9:32 PM
Archers of Loaf (Big Joe and) Phantom 309 (Out of Print Red Sovine Cover)
Vee Vee (Deluxe Remaster) Merge Records / Hostess 2012 Alternative
9:38 PM
Elevator to Hell Song For Tara's Work
Parts Four And Five none 1997 Rock
9:40 PM
Moon Socket Not Weak?
Moon Socket Sappy Records 1993 Rock
9:42 PM
Tom Waits I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Bone Machine Island Records 1992 Alternative
9:44 PM
Hora Est Wonder Baby
Hora Est Kurort Prod 1985 Electronic
9:47 PM
Cloistered Nuns Chicago Monastery Dallas Town
Poor Clares Sing out Delta Records 1969 Christian & Gospel
9:52 PM
Dorothy "Everybody's Mother" Freyberger First Thing Every Morning
Goes Country Studio 5 Records 1968 Country
9:54 PM
Rod Poole Kaledoscopic Sunday
156 Strings - Nineteen Totally Original Acoustic Guitarists Cuneiform Records 2002 New Acoustic
9:58 PM
Melanie Take Me Home
Melanie Legacy Recordings 1969 Pop
10:01 PM
Tunng Mothers Daughter
This Is... Tunng: Mothers Daughter and Other Tales Static Caravan 2005 Singer/Songwriter
10:06 PM
Algebra Suicide Little Dead Bodies
Feminine Squared Dark Entries Records 2013 Alternative
10:10 PM
Carol So Low
Breakdown / So Low Weyrd Son Records 2016 Electronic
10:14 PM
Height/Dismay Mother's Footsteps
Height/Dismay - Single M Squared 1981 Electronic
10:17 PM
Concrete Rubber Band Children's Playroom
Risen Savior N/A 1969 Children's Music
10:23 PM
Danzig Girl of My Best Friend
Danzig Sings Elvis Cleopatra Records 2020 Rock
10:26 PM
Jade Warrior Lady of the Lake
Last Autumn's Dream UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2008 Classical
10:29 PM
White Noise The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell
An Electric Storm ISLAND 1969 Other Rock
10:37 PM
The Flaming Lips Put the Waterbug In the Policeman's Ear
Due to High Expectations... The Flaming Lips Are Providing Needles for Your Balloons - EP Warner Records 1994 Alternative
10:42 PM
Aconite The truth about cable TV
Working In The Heart Of The Beast Not on label 1982 Rock
10:46 PM
Ditlev Buster Welcome To The EC Compilation
Electronic Cottage Compilation 004 Electronic Cottage 2018 Electronic
10:47 PM
Frank That’s How I Would Like To Be Remembered
Electronic Cottage Compilation 004 Electronic Cottage 2018 Electronic
10:48 PM
The Green Pajamas I've Got a Crush on You
Happy Halloween! Green Monkey Records 2014 Alternative
10:53 PM
BGM Member Ship Card
Back Ground Music Studio Mule 2019 R&B/Soul
10:57 PM
Therion Les sucettes (Bonus Track)
Les fleurs du mal Adulruna 2012 Rock
Chat is archived.
Celandine 9:23:52 PM
quality programming
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:24:03 PM
hello fan!
Celandine 9:26:04 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:30:47 PM
how's your night?
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:31:59 PM
Radar keeps calling me
Celandine 9:32:02 PM
good! relaxing and listening 2 the dustbin
Celandine 9:32:21 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:39:10 PM
cd player one is causing me issues
Celandine 9:40:21 PM
oh no. why is there always something?
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:40:42 PM
every time, I have back up if it keeps happening
Celandine 9:42:27 PM
so weird. is it skipping?
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:42:47 PM
first it was skipping then it wouldn't start
Celandine 9:59:16 PM
aw melanie
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:59:40 PM
yeah, so sweet I love this song
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:01:59 PM
That skipping was intentional though
Celandine 10:05:55 PM
the micro tonal guitar track was great! big enjoy
Celandine 10:06:20 PM
Celandine 10:06:29 PM
celandine approved
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:07:40 PM
got more Celandine music coming
Celandine 10:08:43 PM
Celandine 10:18:47 PM
return of the rubber band
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:19:36 PM
Trying to make this a cult classic
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:20:03 PM
It'll catch on