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Diamonds in the Dust Bin

Dec 17, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Frothy Cascade

Diamonds in the Dust Bin
9:02 PM
Neu! Dänzing
Neu! '86 Grönland Records 2010 Electronic
9:05 PM
NEU! Crazy
NEU! '86 MERLIN - Groenland Records 2012 Electronic
9:15 PM
Tshetsha Boys Nwampfundla
New Wave Dance Music from South Africa ORCHARD - Honest Jon's Records 2010 World
9:19 PM
Erica Pomerance Burn Baby Burn
You Used To Think (1968) ESP-Disk 2013 Jazz
9:32 PM
Silver Apples I Have Known Love
Contact UMG - Geffen 2010 Rock
9:36 PM
Fred Weinberg Cowboy Gregg
The Weinberg Method of Nonsynthetic Electronic Rock Vision Records 2011 Electronic
9:38 PM
The Search Party So Many Things Have Got Me Down
Montgomery Chapel Lion Productions, LLC 2012 Rock
9:56 PM
Can Pauper's Daughter And I
Inner Space / Out Of Reach ORCHARD - Synergie OMP 2007 Rock
10:05 PM
Amon Düül II Ludwig / The King's Chocolate-Waltz / Blue Grotto
Made In Germany WMG - Rhino Atlantic 2010 Rock
10:05 PM
Amon Düül II Ludwig / The King's Chocolate-Waltz / Blue Grotto
Made In Germany WMG - Rhino Atlantic 2010 Rock
10:21 PM
SPK Palms Crossed In Sorrow
Zamia Lehmanni (Songs of Byzantine Flowers) ORCHARD - Cold Spring 2019 Electronic
10:29 PM
Karen Dalton Katie Cruel
Light In the Attic Label Sampler ORCHARD - Light In The Attic 2008 R&B/Soul
10:40 PM
Bruce Springsteen Atlantic City
The Essential Bruce Springsteen Columbia 2003 Pop
10:45 PM
3 Teens Kill 4 Tell Me Something Good
No Motive Dark Entries Records 2017 Electronic
10:54 PM
Sonic Youth Little Trouble Girl
Washing Machine Geffen 2015 Rock
Chat is archived.
Celandine 9:19:36 PM
i <3 the dust bin
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:21:18 PM
the dust bin <3's you back
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:23:01 PM
are you enjoying the show so far?
Celandine 9:23:42 PM
of course! classic! erica pomerance
Celandine 9:24:23 PM
the south african music was also excellent
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:24:45 PM
it's so good
Celandine 9:25:24 PM
love the whacked-out female vocal vibes ;)
Celandine 9:31:02 PM
we need more chatters!
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:36:00 PM
I do my best!!!
Celandine 9:36:56 PM
do better in 2023 !!!
Celandine 9:37:06 PM
Celandine 9:37:14 PM
you're doing excellent
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:37:55 PM
Celandine 9:51:46 PM
Celandine 9:51:57 PM
ekh zone
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:52:07 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:00:51 PM
lol weird show
Celandine 10:01:32 PM
weird and fun
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:01:47 PM
records are fun
Celandine 10:05:00 PM
yeah! i'm inspired to do an "all from the library" show
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:07:48 PM
you should
Celandine 10:14:24 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:15:28 PM
you have to
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:16:59 PM
every time
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:17:40 PM
oh i figured out why secret chief never got back to me, promo in coming. Oops
Celandine 10:21:30 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:21:40 PM
yeah I had no idea
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:28:26 PM
sounds like a really cool show though
Celandine 10:30:20 PM
it does!
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:31:48 PM
I love Christmas music
Celandine 10:41:09 PM
i know you do frothy
Celandine 10:59:11 PM
byeee, goodnight and thank you for the tunes