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Diamonds in the Dust Bin

Dec 31, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Frothy Cascade

Diamonds in the Dust Bin
9:00 PM
Various Artists Hurtin Kind
Girls In The Garage Vol.1 Romulan 1987
9:03 PM
The Moir sisters Wandering Home
So Excited - Single n/a 1973 Pop
9:06 PM
Kid Rock Ice Cream Man
Comp unknown 1974 Pop
9:10 PM
Beach Boys Hushabye
30 Years Of The Beach Boys CAPITOL 1965 Rock
9:11 PM
Dima Vikhornov Narodnaya
Good MERLIN - 56 Stuff 2011 Electronic
9:14 PM
Scott Walker Rawhide
Climate Of Hunter UMG - Virgin Catalogue 2007 Rock
9:19 PM
NEU! Lila Engel (Lilac Angel)
NEU! 2 MERLIN - Groenland Records 2012 Electronic
9:23 PM
Ciccone Youth Addicted to Love
The Whitey Album Capitol 1988
9:28 PM
The Compton Brothers May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot
single Brothers Two Music 1978 Country
9:30 PM
Rahul Dev Burman Title Music (Shalimar)
Shalimar Universal Music Ireland Ltd. 1978
9:34 PM
The Oxford Circle Mind Destruction
Endless Journey Vol. 3 (Reverberation) V/A Chocolate Fireguard Records 1966 CD Rock
9:38 PM
Silver Apples Oscillations
Silver Apples 1968
9:41 PM
Medicine Live It Down
The Buried Life UMG - American Recordings Catalog P&D 2012 Rock
9:46 PM
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone New Year's Kiss
Etiquette Tomlab 2008 Alternative
9:53 PM
Ruby, The Galactic Gumshoe My Name Is Nipples
n/a n/a 1986 Spoken Word
10:00 PM
Jerry Reed Another Puff
Jerry Reed - Super Hits RCA Records Label Nashville 1997 CD Country
10:05 PM
The Free Design The Proper Ornaments
Kites Are Fun Light In The Attic Records 2003 Pop
10:07 PM
Jobriath milk and honey
As the River Flows unknown 1975 Pop
10:11 PM
Hans Reichel Le Bal
Self Made unknown 1987 Punk
10:16 PM
Jimmy Drake Little Cowboy
n/a n/a 1950 Country
10:18 PM
Roller Chicken Band Banana Roller
Banana Roller Bubble Records 2015
10:22 PM
原声大碟 Video
神通情人梦 EMI Germany 1993
10:25 PM
Console 14, Zero, Zero
Rocket In The Pocket Virgin 2006 Pop
10:31 PM
Magical Power Mako You Need A Sweet Little Computer
Magical Computer Music unknown 1988 Electronic
10:36 PM
DJ Company Telescope
The Album n/a 2008 Techno
10:44 PM
William Onyeabor Fantastic Man
World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor? Luaka Bop 2013 World
10:51 PM
Guernica Skating Rink (2016 Remaster)
Kaizou Eno Yakudou -Tokubetsu Kakudaiban SME - Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc. 2016 Rock
10:59 PM
Devo Wiggly World
Wiggly World WMG - Warner Rhino Off Roster-Audio 1995 Alternative
Chat is archived.
DJ Celandine 9:12:24 PM
hello fellow dj
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:12:36 PM
DJ Celandine 9:13:09 PM
i'm here
DJ Celandine 9:13:20 PM
for the nye party
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:14:19 PM
Thanks for tuning in, how are the air waves?
DJ Celandine 9:16:46 PM
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:18:11 PM
It's a spooky NYE tonight
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:18:17 PM
So foggy
DJ Celandine 9:24:33 PM
DJ Celandine 9:25:39 PM
i can't tell from inside. it's cozy in here
DJ Celandine 9:26:40 PM
nice tune yr playing right now
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:26:56 PM
So good
DJ Celandine 9:30:47 PM
i think i understand what avant radio nostalgia is now
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:31:07 PM
DJ Celandine 9:47:38 PM
haha. casiotone for every occasion
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:47:47 PM
I know lol
DJ Celandine 9:54:57 PM
DJ Celandine 9:55:13 PM
i am familiar with these. they are so weird
Frothy Cascade (host) 9:57:12 PM
Related to Android Sisters
DJ Celandine 10:00:54 PM
of course
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:20:21 PM
you hanging in?
DJ Celandine 10:28:38 PM
i'm still here
DJ Celandine 10:28:48 PM
needing a screen break :)
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:29:00 PM
That's a good thing, gotta stay up!!!!
DJ Celandine 10:29:46 PM
r u challenging me???
Frothy Cascade (host) 10:31:41 PM
I am!!!!'
DJ Celandine 10:32:30 PM