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May 21, 2024 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Sid

Every Tuesday since February of 2005, WMSE has welcomed a Milwaukee-area artist into the Bob and Genie Friedman Live Performance Studio to perform a full set live on the airwaves, made possible by our amazing sound engineer Nick Elert. But as of Tuesday, November 12, 2013, we are giving Local/Live more visibility and time to expand upon the mission of supporting Milwaukee-made music. At it’s new 6pm – 7pm time slot, the show is now one-hour long and hosted by WMSE music director, Sid McCain, along with Poundcake Punk DJ Maggie Iken or Milwaukee Records Matt Wild.

6:05 PM
Ladybird - Zoomer
Ladybird Zoomer L N
Local/live WMSE 2024
6:06 PM
Ladybird - Audrey's Garden
Ladybird Audrey's Garden L N
Local/Live WMSE 2024
6:15 PM
Ladybird - Kemp Lane
Ladybird Kemp Lane L N
Local/live WMSE 2024
6:16 PM
Ladybird - My Worried Heart
Ladybird My Worried Heart L N
Local/Live WMSE 2024
6:18 PM
Ladybird - Rollin & Ramblin
Ladybird Rollin & Ramblin L N
Local/live WMSE 2024
6:42 PM
Ladybird - Sarah Taylor Davis
Ladybird Sarah Taylor Davis L N
Local/Live WMSE 2024
6:43 PM
Ladybird - Short King Shuffle
Ladybird Short King Shuffle L N
Local/Live WMSE 2024
6:47 PM
Ladybird - Honky-Tonk Mama
Ladybird Honky-Tonk Mama L N
Local/Live WMSE 2024