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Alternating Currents

May 26, 2019 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With jason wietlispach

Alternating Currents features new and experimental music from the 20th century into the present: from electronic to acoustic, from composed to improvised, from high tech to ad hoc, from analog to digital, from local to global. Alternating Currents is our weekly search for the needle of creative music in the haystack of 21st century radio.

DJs Robert Szocik and Jason Wietlispach (also the host of The Modern Chamber) alternate Sundays hosting this incredibly unique program.

Alternating Currents
6:07 PM
andrew cyrille\milford graves - message to the ancestors
andrew cyrille\milford graves message to the ancestors
dialogue of the drums institute of percussive sciences
6:24 PM
Pax Art Ensemble - part 1 and 2
Pax Art Ensemble part 1 and 2
live concert caprice
6:56 PM
Famoudou Don Moye - n'balimake
Famoudou Don Moye n'balimake
sun percussion aeco records
7:36 PM
Basil Kirchin - emergence/evolution
Basil Kirchin emergence/evolution
Worlds Within Worlds island
7:42 PM
Piero Milesi - Modi (No. 1)
Piero Milesi Modi (No. 1)
Modi cherry red 1994 CD Classical
8:21 PM
Ram Narayan - rage sri
Ram Narayan rage sri
master of the sarangi Nonesuch
8:47 PM
Ralph Lundsten - side one
Ralph Lundsten side one
nordic naturesymphony no.2 odeon
8:57 PM
Pascal Languirand - nova
Pascal Languirand nova
de harmonia universalia minds