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7:00 AMPrismatic Instrumental Mornings (unset) with El Quadrone
11:00 AMSounds of Broadway (unset) with WMUA
12:00 PMBird is the Word (unset) with DJ Brad
6:30 PMThe Crop Rotation (unset) with DJ Woodpecker
6:00 AMCountry Music Time Machine (Music) with Mitch Moskal


6:30 PMQueer Yenta Radio (unset) with Bucky Downtown
4:30 PMPunks, Hippies, and Everything in-between (unset) with Rasmus
10:00 AMWMUAX: Whiplash (unset) with DJ Dime
6:00 AMEarly Bird Show (Music) with Mitch Moskal
5:00 AMConflict of Interests (unset) with DJ Julia