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8:00 AMDemocracy Now! (News)
9:00 AMLatin Jazz Now! (unset) with WMUA
12:00 PMWMUAx: Moose Girl Radio (unset) with DJ Char
2:00 PMThe Retro Future Radio show (unset) with DJ DemolitionDandy
5:00 PMTake a Penny, Leave a Penny (unset) with DJ Dime, DJ Half-Dollar$


7:00 PMXenocyx (Music) with Purple B. Bryzen
2:30 PMThursday's Rhythm and Blues Revue (Music) with Katie
1:00 PMNeed Money for Laptop (unset) with DJ Ben
8:00 PMThe Louie Tunes (unset)
7:00 PMSummertime Tunes (unset) with DJ Garden