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Wednesday American Crossroads

Jan 23, 2019 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Mr. Sandy

If our jazz programming wasn't enough to convince you of our skepticism about music genre, here's out roots program: old-timey, roots rock, blues, bluegrass, revivalist, reconstructionist, country and much more. Drawing on all kinds of music from, or trying to tap into the "Old, Weird America." Your time machine. Your alternative reality machine. Your reality intensifying machine. Two hours of damn fine music, Monday through Thursday starting at 5pm.

Wednesday American Crossroads
5:06 PM
Steven Troch Band - Short End
Steven Troch Band Short End N
B-016 _ Rhymes for Mellow Minds Sing My Title 2018 Blues
5:03 PM
Fiona Boyes - Dark And Dangerous Love
Fiona Boyes Dark And Dangerous Love
B-012 _ Voodoo in the Shadows Reference Recordings 2018 Blues

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