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Divine Dance Party

May 29, 2024 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM



Hosted by Cathryn the Grateful, Divine Dance Party is all about music and movement. Cathryn’s joy generator is movement as medicine – dancing through life. She has a dance sanctuary in her home on James Island near Charleston, SC where she hosts global DIVINE DANCE PARTY as well as intimate group dance and individual movement healing

Divine Dance Party
3:02 PM
Gold Star - Dani's In Love
Gold Star Dani's In Love
Dani's In Love / Get It Together Autumn Tone Records 2018 USEP41821007
3:04 PM
Paul Simon - I Know What I Know
Paul Simon I Know What I Know Paul Simon, General M. D. Shirinda
Graceland (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Warner Brothers 1986 USWB10401043
3:08 PM
Patty Griffin - Railroad Wings
Patty Griffin Railroad Wings
Children Running Through Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd. 2007 Rock USATO0700008
3:12 PM
Lissie - Simple Woman
Lissie Simple Woman Elisabeth Maurus
Watch over Me (Early Works 2002-2009) Cooking Vinyl Limited 2021 Rock QM2HN2100009
3:16 PM
The Shins - Cherry Hearts - Flipped
The Shins Cherry Hearts - Flipped James Mercer
Cherry Hearts Aural Apothecary/Columbia 2017 USSM11703398
3:18 PM
Parker Millsap - Truck Stop Gospel
Parker Millsap Truck Stop Gospel Parker Millsap
Parker Millsap Okrahoma Records 2014 QMBRA1300002
3:22 PM
Kurt Vile - Shame Chamber
Kurt Vile Shame Chamber
Wakin On A Pretty Daze Matador 2013 USMTD1303444
3:27 PM
Mandolin Orange - The Wolves
Mandolin Orange The Wolves Andrew Marlin
The Wolves Yep Roc Records 2019 USY1R1963802
3:31 PM
Lenny Kravitz - Stop Draggin' Around
Lenny Kravitz Stop Draggin' Around Lenny Kravitz
Mama Said (21st Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Virgin Records 1991 Rock USVI21200713
3:34 PM
moe. - Okayalright
moe. Okayalright
Wormwood Fatboy Records 2003 Rock TCADR1826694
3:38 PM
Trent Dabbs - Midnight Walls
Trent Dabbs Midnight Walls
The Way We Look at Horses Ready Set Records 2013 Rock TCABQ1396342
3:42 PM
little hurricane - Love Luck
little hurricane Love Luck Anthony Wesley Catalano, Celeste Marie Spina
Love Luck Death Valley Records 2019 QMYDW1900003
3:49 PM
Dead Horses - Darling Dear
Dead Horses Darling Dear
My Mother the Moon Dead Horses 2018 QZ3381800005
3:58 PM
880 South - Baja '06
880 South Baja '06 Aaron Liebelt, Greg Medeiros, Luigi Casaretto, Steve Shyshka
Beware Park Ave. Sound USX9P0635419