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WOOL 91.5 FM Bellows Falls

LOCAL (MUSIC) Choose Your Own Adventure

Jul 29, 2022 10:00 AM โ€“ 12:00 PM


With Wendy

LOCAL (MUSIC) Choose Your Own Adventure
10:02 AM
Butthole Surfers Strangers Die Everyday
Rembrandt Pussyhorse Latino Bugger Veil USA3E0400016
10:05 AM
Butthole Surfers The Colored F.B.I. Guy
Widowermaker! Touch and Go
10:08 AM
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy Dynamite
Rock-It To Stardom Amazing Records
10:11 AM
Hawkwind Mirror of Illusion
Hawkwind EMI GBAYE1401587
10:17 AM
Black Sabbath Who Are You?
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Warner Bros. USWB11304381
10:22 AM
B. Ruseler Mountain Dust
Synthesizer Greatest Vol. 2 LDMI
10:26 AM
Yo La Tengo Ira searches for the slide, sort of (Friday)
We Have Amnesia Sometimes Matador USMTD2000578
10:35 AM
David Bowie Always Crashing in the Same Car
Low Ryko USJT11600382
10:40 AM
Sound 8 Music for All Kinds of Fun
Kodak Sound 8 - Volume 1 (Background Music For Your Personal Movies) Kodak
10:59 AM
Dire Straits In the Gallery
Dire Straits ((Remastered)) EMI GBF089601042
11:05 AM
Wallace Johnson If You Leave Me
7" single Sansu
11:08 AM
Jimmy Radcliffe (There Goes) The Forgotten Man H. David-B. Bacharach
7" single Musicor
11:11 AM
The Meters Heartache
Good Old Funky Music Rounder
11:14 AM
Cymande Genevieve
Cymande (Reissued) Collectables
11:18 AM
Chai Muansing Pee Kow Pee Ork (Ghosts Come and Go)
Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 2 (Groovy 60's Sounds From The Land Of Smile!) Subliminal Sounds
11:23 AM
Robert Wyatt Alifib
Going Back A Bit: A Little History Of Robert Wyatt Virgin
11:29 AM
Vรฉronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul With The Honeymoon Killers I'm Always Remixing (Bonus Track)
Ex-Futur Album Crammed Discs BE6F51401030
11:32 AM
Led Zeppelin In the Evening
In Through the Out Door (Remastered) Swan Song USAT21207066
11:39 AM
Golden Smog Until You Came Along
Stay Golden, Smog Rhino
11:44 AM
Mystic Moods Orchestra Cosmic Sea
The Awakening (Cosmic Force) HDS USBAE0903083
11:57 AM
Genesis A Place to Call My Own
From Genesis to Revelation Cherry Red Records GBCBT6990008