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WORT-FM is an independent, noncommercial listener-sponsored and volunteer powered community radio station in Madison, Wisconsin founded in 1975.

WORT 89.9FM Madison


Feb 27, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Gregory

Electronic, experimental, classical, ethnoidal and improvised music.

9:02 PM
K. Leimer - Uninhabited Day
K. Leimer Uninhabited Day
Found Objects Palace of Lights
9:08 PM
Greg Davis - Improved Dreaming
Greg Davis Improved Dreaming
Curling Pond Woods Carpark
9:14 PM
Japancakes - To Here Knows When
Japancakes To Here Knows When
Loveless Darla
9:18 PM
Japancakes - When You Sleep
Japancakes When You Sleep
Loveless Darla
9:22 PM
Drape - Polyopia/Phosphenes
Drape Polyopia/Phosphenes
Forage Baro
9:28 PM
Drape - Til Til/Birth
Drape Til Til/Birth
Presence Infraction
9:33 PM
Bengalfuel - Providence
Bengalfuel Providence N
Auriemma Infraction
9:44 PM
Meng Qi - 流动 Flow
Meng Qi 流动 Flow
Wing Pinger Resonator Feedback https://mengqi.bandcamp.com/album/wing-pinger-resonator-feedback
10:02 PM
Charles Dodge - Roundelay
Charles Dodge Roundelay
Computer Music Currents 4 Wergo
10:16 PM
Kenneth Kirschner - March 2, 2021 – vii.
Kenneth Kirschner March 2, 2021 – vii. N
March 2, 2021 www.kennethkirschner.com
10:26 PM
Stephen Scott - Arcs
Stephen Scott Arcs
New Music For Bowed Piano New Albion
10:38 PM
Marc Barreca - Composite Image
Marc Barreca Composite Image
The Empty Bridge Palace of Lights
10:45 PM
Passepartout Duo - Epigrams I-V
Passepartout Duo Epigrams I-V
Epigrams https://passepartoutduo.bandcamp.com/album/epigrams