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Jon Solomon

Sep 2, 2020 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Jon Solomon

Every Wednesday night on 103.3 fm WPRB.

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Jon Solomon
6:01 PM
The Rub - The Death of Pop
The Rub The Death of Pop
Bikini Gospel Happy Squid
6:05 PM
Set Break
6:07 PM
Unwound - Nervous Energy
Unwound Nervous Energy
Fake Train Kill Rock Stars
RIP Vern Rumsey.
6:12 PM
Andal Sukabe - Niger Leydi Main
Andal Sukabe Niger Leydi Main
Music from Saharan WhatsApp 07 Sahel Sounds
6:15 PM
Wylde Ratttz - Fun House
Wylde Ratttz Fun House
Fun House
Stooges cover performed by Mark Arm, Thurston Moore, Ron Asheton, Steve Shelley, Mike Watt and Sabir Mateen.
6:27 PM
Bent Arcana - Oblivion Sigil
Bent Arcana Oblivion Sigil
S/T Castle Face
John Dwyer is part of this band (as well as most other bands).
6:38 PM
Force - Stand Up
Force Stand Up
Habibi Funk 014: Solidarity With Beirut V/A
From 1980s Lebanon.
6:41 PM
Big Daddy Kane - Enough! (feat. Chuck D & Loren Oden)
Big Daddy Kane Enough! (feat. Chuck D & Loren Oden)
Enough! (feat. Chuck D & Loren Oden) - Single 2020
6:45 PM
Bully - You
Bully You N
SUGAREGG Sub Pop Records 2020
6:47 PM
Set Break
6:54 PM
Vintage Crop - Jack's Casino
Vintage Crop Jack's Casino
Serve to Serve Again Upset the Rhythm / Anti Fade Records 2020
6:56 PM
Jim McHugh - Beautiful Things
Jim McHugh Beautiful Things
Model Songs
He of Sunwatchers. 3Ds cover.
6:58 PM
Crypic Shift - Moonbelt Immolator
Crypic Shift Moonbelt Immolator
Visitations From Enceladus Blood Harvest
7:24 PM
The Modern Lovers - Dignified & Old
The Modern Lovers Dignified & Old
S/T Beserkley
7:26 PM
Graeme Miller & Steve Shill - Beat Frequency Oscillator
Graeme Miller & Steve Shill Beat Frequency Oscillator
The Carrier Frequency Finders Keepers

Music from a 1984 stage work.

7:31 PM
Rae Fitzgerald - Lonely Listener
Rae Fitzgerald Lonely Listener
Lonely Listener - EP Keeled Scales 2020
7:34 PM
METZ - Hail Taxi
METZ Hail Taxi
Atlas Vending Sub Pop Records 2020
Another cut off their new one, out in October.
7:38 PM
Set Break
7:45 PM
Ohmme - 3 2 4 3
Ohmme 3 2 4 3 N
Fantasize Your Ghost Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
7:49 PM
furiousBall - Danse Du Ventre
furiousBall Danse Du Ventre
Axiomatic 2020
7:51 PM
The Lemonheads - Can't Forget
The Lemonheads Can't Forget
Varshons 2 Fire Records 2018
Yo La Tengo cover.
7:53 PM
Biting Tongues - Evening State (The Wave State)
Biting Tongues Evening State (The Wave State)
Live It Cache Cache
7:57 PM
Weak Signal - Rolex
Weak Signal Rolex N
Split 7" with Endless Boogie Wharf Cat
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:02:03 PM
Chat for the next show begins...NOW!
Wheel of Randy 7:25:49 PM
But will he still love the old world?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:27:13 PM
No idea why that song came into my head recently, but I had to play it to lodge it free.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:38:55 PM
Apologies to Caesar, who I neglected to include in my ranking of "Hails."
Wheel of Randy 7:39:20 PM
Allen Hale
Teresa Peacock 7:41:11 PM
Russell Hoban? He of "Bread & Jam for Frances"?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:42:37 PM
I suppose so!
Teresa Peacock 7:42:57 PM
Teresa Peacock 7:45:51 PM
I wonder if the "Dignified and Old" lodged in your brain because yesterday, Pat Ganley played some group covering Galaxie 500's "Don't Let Your Youth Go To Waste" which itself was a cover of the JR & Modern Lovers' song of almost the same title (substitute "Our" for "Your")
Jon Solomon (host) 7:46:31 PM
Parallel thought! I put this show together...a while ago!
Teresa Peacock 7:47:02 PM
Neat! I love when stuff like that happens!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:47:40 PM
As do I. I also wish I was back in my routine where I got to hear more Clamor Club in the car!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:56:17 PM
Thanks for tuning in to both shows this evening. Pethie's up next to POWERCLASH ya!