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Jon Solomon

Sep 16, 2020 6:00 PM β€“ 8:00 PM

With Jon Solomon

Every Wednesday night on 103.3 fm WPRB.

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Jon Solomon
5:59 PM
The Rub - The Death Of Pop
The Rub The Death Of Pop
Bikini Gospel
6:03 PM
Set Break
6:06 PM
Hot Snakes - Not In Time
Hot Snakes Not In Time
7" Sub Pop
UK tour single.
6:10 PM
Hama - Al Gassira
Hama Al Gassira
Music from Saharan WhatsApp 08 Sahel Sounds
6:17 PM
Jason Molina - The Crossroad + the Emptiness
Jason Molina The Crossroad + the Emptiness
Eight Gates Secretly Canadian 2020
His final recordings.
6:19 PM
Chris Brokaw - Central District Blues
Chris Brokaw Central District Blues
Central District Blues
6:34 PM
Edsel - A Lost Language
Edsel A Lost Language
Lost Language EP
Tracks from 2001, recently completed.
6:37 PM
Naked Roommate - Mad Love
Naked Roommate Mad Love
Do the Duvet Trouble In Mind Records 2020
Members of The World & Blues Lawyer.
6:41 PM
Dog Chocolate - Amateurs Forever
Dog Chocolate Amateurs Forever
Moody Balloon Baby Upset The Rhythm 2018
6:43 PM
Set Break
6:51 PM
June Of 44 - Paint Your Face
June Of 44 Paint Your Face
Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival Broken Clover
From 1996, previously unreleased.
6:54 PM
Omar El Shariyi - Ah! Mennak
Omar El Shariyi Ah! Mennak
Oriental Music Wewantsounds
Reissue of a 1976 album. Out next month.
7:03 PM
Joshua Wayne Hensley - Poughkeepsie
Joshua Wayne Hensley Poughkeepsie
Fountains Of Joshua Wayne
A tribute to Adam Schlesinger.
7:07 PM
xpoemsx - Hermione On The Deck Of The Ship In The Sun
xpoemsx Hermione On The Deck Of The Ship In The Sun
Hermione The Seagull EP
With assistance from Sean of Lazy Salon.
7:11 PM
Tijuana Hercules - ShaTooBog
Tijuana Hercules ShaTooBog
7:15 PM
Christopher Parker & Kelley Hurt (ft. Arkansas Symphony Orchestra with arrangements by Rufus Reid) - To Be A Kid
Christopher Parker & Kelley Hurt (ft. Arkansas Symphony Orchestra with arrangements by Rufus Reid) To Be A Kid
No Tears Suite Oxford American
"In commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Little Rock Central High School desegregation crisis and the school’s integration."
7:28 PM
Green River - Hangin' Tree
Green River Hangin' Tree
Rehab Doll (Deluxe Edition) Sub Pop Records 2019
7:32 PM
Set Break
7:42 PM
Grey Hairs - Ghost in Your Own Life
Grey Hairs Ghost in Your Own Life
"Halloween - Live at Jt Soar Gringo Records 2020
7:46 PM
Blonde Redhead ft. Ludovico Einaudi - Where Your Mind Wants To Go (Instrumental)
Blonde Redhead ft. Ludovico Einaudi Where Your Mind Wants To Go (Instrumental)
Where Your Mind Wants To Go
7:52 PM
Group Rhoda - Neptune
Group Rhoda Neptune
Lost & Found Vol. 1 V/A Dark Entries
7:57 PM
Baby Superstar - Nobody's Faster Than Me
Baby Superstar Nobody's Faster Than Me
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:01:37 PM
Chat = open!
Ameena 6:01:51 PM
time for the hamarathon...
Jon Solomon (host) 6:02:30 PM
Sooner than you think!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:06:51 PM
I promised an exceptionally dumb start to this show and I delivered!
Krista 6:08:04 PM
My sports loving boyfriend loved it
Krista 6:08:18 PM
I'm loving this hot snakes
Jon Solomon (host) 6:10:17 PM
I watched way more football after recording that break than I care to admit. Was a weirdly before-times Sunday.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:11:07 PM
Krista 6:12:10 PM
My regional rivalry was playing it so I proxy watched it via Facebook
Jon Solomon (host) 6:13:04 PM
My fantasy team took a beating because of that game!
Krista 6:13:07 PM
Packers are the team for socialists, I must say. The Packers' history radicalized me.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:13:16 PM
The Mercer Millions are 0-1, looking to bounce back.
Krista 6:13:44 PM
You watch super regional football, nice
Krista 6:13:55 PM
Oh wait that is your fantasy team.
Krista 6:14:27 PM
I was about to get excited for some non nfl regional league
Jon Solomon (host) 6:15:00 PM
Sadly, the Trenton arena league team didn't make it.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:18:33 PM
I am happy to report that the running joke where I play Jason Molina and my wife asks me with deep concern "Hey Jon? Are you OK?" continues tonight!
Krista 6:22:59 PM
We just drove by a big crowd of unmasked people in Lambertville and this dirgy thing was perfect Plague Film
Jon Solomon (host) 6:24:31 PM
Ugh. I saw a photo of a person I know crossing that bridge and it was an unmasked zombie wave.
Betsy Grossman 6:33:54 PM
oh hello listeners who chat
Betsy Grossman 6:34:08 PM
and jon
Jon Solomon (host) 6:35:13 PM
Hello, BG! Welcome to the eastern time!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:39:05 PM
As promised, the return of Naked Roommate.
Betsy Grossman 6:44:19 PM
thank you! yes, i am in the same time zone now. how delightful.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:44:35 PM
How's it going up north?
Betsy Grossman 6:46:54 PM
it is good! I am enjoying these cooler temps.
Betsy Grossman 6:47:15 PM
I am doing (some) organizing and a lot of resting.
Betsy Grossman 6:47:44 PM
accepting ideas of shows to watch on netflix/hulu/prime.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:47:46 PM
Very nice.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:48:03 PM
Devs? Homecoming? Barry?
Betsy Grossman 6:48:20 PM
have seen some of homecoming.
Betsy Grossman 6:48:54 PM
started watching "teenage bounty hunters" and think that is has potential. watched some "superstore" and "station 19" last night.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:49:51 PM
We are up to season three of Superstore, had been watching one a night.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:54:26 PM
My old housemate Eva really liked Teenage Bounty Hunters.
Betsy Grossman 6:56:11 PM
I slept through a bunch of the Superstore eps, will likely go back and rewatch some of them...
Betsy Grossman 7:04:16 PM
oh i like this tune
Jon Solomon (host) 7:05:02 PM
This is part of Joshua Wayne Hensley's tribute to Adam from Fountains of Wayne.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:05:11 PM
One original (this tune) + three covers.
Betsy Grossman 7:08:39 PM
i also like this one A LOT
Jon Solomon (host) 7:09:39 PM
Can find it here - https://xpoemsx.bandcamp.com/album/hermione-the-seagull
Betsy Grossman 7:13:46 PM
thank you. i may purchase that very album.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:14:17 PM
Betsy, I have some bad news.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:14:19 PM
Betsy Grossman 7:15:51 PM
alas, i saw this earlier today. it is v sad.
Betsy Grossman 7:16:05 PM
they were going strong last July when i visited.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:16:08 PM
I had not seen until just now. End of an era.
Betsy Grossman 7:16:36 PM
I feel like there will be more closures like this and it makes my heart heavy.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:17:10 PM
Yep. A lot more stories like this to come, sadly.
Betsy Grossman 7:17:57 PM
I think that was the first business to trust me with keys. many an hour was spent there with good people.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:18:57 PM
I had a nice drink there in 2018, totally soaked from a giant storm. Comically wet.
Betsy Grossman 7:25:58 PM
ahhh that's a good memory.
Betsy Grossman 7:26:29 PM
i used to volunteer to work on fri night cuz i liked talking with the bands that played there.
Betsy Grossman 7:49:03 PM
some very tasty tunes tonight, jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:51:32 PM
Thank you. This was a fairly fun one.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:57:35 PM
Last song of the night. Stay tuned for Powerclashing with Pethie!