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Lost in Time & Sludge

Sep 30, 2020 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With DJ Flex Luthor

New Time Same Sludge

Lost in Time & Sludge
8:00 PM
Baroness - Rays On Pinion
Baroness Rays On Pinion
Red Album Relapse Records 2007
8:00 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:00 PM
Chelsea Wolfe - Vex
Chelsea Wolfe Vex
Hiss Spun Sargent House 2017
8:01 PM
Code Orange - The New Reality
Code Orange The New Reality
Forever Roadrunner Records 2017
8:01 PM
Fear Before the March of Flames - Drowning the Old Hag
Fear Before the March of Flames Drowning the Old Hag
The Always Open Mouth Equal Vision Records 2012
8:02 PM
Oathbreaker - Second Son of R.
Oathbreaker Second Son of R.
Rheia Deathwish Inc. 2016
8:02 PM
King Woman - Hierophant
King Woman Hierophant
Created in the Image of Suffering Relapse Records 2017
8:02 PM
Emma Ruth Rundle - Protection
Emma Ruth Rundle Protection
Marked for Death Sargent House 2016
8:03 PM
Darkher - Hollow Veil
Darkher Hollow Veil
Realms Prophecy 2016
8:04 PM
Dorthia Cottrell - Cemetery Song
Dorthia Cottrell Cemetery Song
Dorthia Cottrell Forcefield Records 2015
8:05 PM
Mastodon - Jaguar God
Mastodon Jaguar God
Emperor of Sand Reprise 2017
8:59 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:00 PM
Cult of Luna - Lay Your Head to Rest
Cult of Luna Lay Your Head to Rest
A Dawn to Fear Metal Blade Records 2019
9:04 PM
Pijn - High Spirits
Pijn High Spirits
Curse These Metal Hands Holy Roar Records 2019
9:11 PM
Thou - Supernaut
Thou Supernaut
What Is This That Stands Before Me? Sacred Bones Records 2020
Black Sabbath cover comp of Sacred Bones artists
9:18 PM
Weedeater - Monkey Junction
Weedeater Monkey Junction
...And Justice for Y'all Season of Mist 2001
9:21 PM
Stoned Jesus - Water Me
Stoned Jesus Water Me
Pilgrims Napalm Records 2018
9:31 PM
Bongripper - The People Mover
Bongripper The People Mover
Hippie Killer BONGRIPPER 2007
9:41 PM
Oranssi Pazuzu - Saturaatio
Oranssi Pazuzu Saturaatio
Värähtelijä 20 Buck Spin 2016
9:55 PM
Sumac - Consumed
Sumac Consumed N
May You Be Held Thrill Jockey Records 2020
10:10 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:10 PM
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Crossburner
The Dillinger Escape Plan Crossburner
One of Us Is the Killer BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2013
10:19 PM
Wither - Feel Your Weight
Wither Feel Your Weight
Animus Spinnup 2020
10:22 PM
Old Man Gloom - Eden's Gates
Old Man Gloom Eden's Gates
The Ape of God I Profound Lore 2014
10:29 PM
Allt - Odium
Allt Odium
Odium - Single Allt 2020
10:33 PM
Stake - Catatonic Dreams
Stake Catatonic Dreams
Critical Method Hassle Records 2019
10:38 PM
Mohinder - The Static Cult
Mohinder The Static Cult N
The Mission Numero Group 2020
10:39 PM
Sprain - Slant
Sprain Slant N
As Lost Through Collision The Flenser 2020
10:45 PM
KEN mode - Management Control
KEN mode Management Control
Success Season of Mist 2015
10:49 PM
Revocation - The Grip Tightens
Revocation The Grip Tightens
Scion AV Presents - Teratogenesis - EP Relapse Records 2012
10:53 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:55 PM
The Sword - Freya
The Sword Freya
Age of Winters Kemado 2006
Chat is archived.
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:56:12 PM
Sorry there's been a slight issue with the playlist but I'm currently fixing it
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:56:25 PM
I'll be bringing everything back and getting us back up to speed
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:00:03 PM
The time stamps will be completely off
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:02:03 PM
Alright now we're up to speed!
jimbeaux 9:14:15 PM
holy thou!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:15:25 PM
One of the best Black Sabbath covers I've ever heard
jimbeaux 9:15:38 PM
love their covers. Blessings of the Highest Order made me enjoy Nirvana again.
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:15:55 PM
hell yeah! It feels like they actually had fun doing them
jimbeaux 9:45:41 PM
Oranssi Pazuzu is intense.
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:56:18 PM
I need to hear more of them honestly
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:56:28 PM
I really like what I've heard, but I just haven't listened to much
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:59:42 PM
This is off of Sumac's upcoming album May You Be Held
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:00:17 PM
I'm really excited for it! Definitely expect to hear more of it in the next few weeks
jimbeaux 10:05:03 PM
Good stuff! Had never heard of Oranssi Pazuzu before, either.
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:55:59 PM
Thanks for tuning in! See ya next week!