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Oct 22, 2020 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With ameena

NEW wprb special dark roast ambient coffee coming soon to stores near YOU! but until then, join me on the sofa of life with a delicious advance copy cup of ambient joe. i hear the centipedes in the bathroom are especially leggy today!!

15 // don't you think it's a bit... tacky?

basically imagine you are listening to this show... but at a bootleg hooter's... in bosnia.... that's where i am mentally tonight...

11:00 PM
Ramleh - Futureworld
Ramleh Futureworld
The Great Unlearning 2019
11:03 PM
Pop Negatif Wastad - Valium
Pop Negatif Wastad Valium
Pop Negatif Wastad - EP Central Slate 1989
11:08 PM
Savant - Stationary Dance
Savant Stationary Dance
Artificial Dance RVNG Intl. 2015
11:12 PM
Employee - Exotic Deal
Employee Exotic Deal
Hold Music, Vol. 1 Beatbude 2020
11:16 PM
Geneva Jacuzzi - Casket
Geneva Jacuzzi Casket
Technophelia Medical 2015
11:20 PM
Sneaks - Faith
Sneaks Faith N
Happy Birthday Merge Records 2020
11:22 PM
Medicine - The Earth Is Soft and White
Medicine The Earth Is Soft and White
The Buried Life American 1993
11:23 PM
Set Break: musings on hold music?
11:30 PM
Human Flesh - Ancient Smiles
Human Flesh Ancient Smiles
80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 Contort Yourself 2017
11:33 PM
Pink Section - Jane Blank
Pink Section Jane Blank
Pink Section Superior Viaduct 2015
11:36 PM
Crash Course In Science - It Cost’s to Be Austere
Crash Course In Science It Cost’s to Be Austere
Near Marineland Schematic 2011
11:40 PM
XEX - Saint Vitus' Dance
XEX Saint Vitus' Dance
Group What's That Music 1980
11:43 PM
Adult Fantasies - Pagan Litany
Adult Fantasies Pagan Litany N
Towers of Silence Stroom 2020
11:46 PM
Slava Tsukerman - Margaret's Apartment
Slava Tsukerman Margaret's Apartment
Liquid Sky 1983
11:49 PM
Meitei - Gen'ei
Meitei Gen'ei
11:50 PM
Set Break: just a mic break...
11:55 PM
Swirlies - His Life Of Academic Freedom
Swirlies His Life Of Academic Freedom
Blonder Tongue Audio Baton Taang! Records 2006
11:57 PM
Holy Motors - Trouble
Holy Motors Trouble N
Horse Wharf Cat Records 2020
12:01 AM
Silver Jews - The Moon Is Number 18
Silver Jews The Moon Is Number 18
Starlite Walker Drag City 1994
12:04 AM
Coaltar Of The Deepers - Thunderbolt
Coaltar Of The Deepers Thunderbolt
Come Over to the Deepend ZK 2000
absolutely rockin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:11 AM
Slava Tsukerman - Wordplay
Slava Tsukerman Wordplay
Liquid Sky 1983
12:14 AM
Dälek - Forever Close My Eyes
Dälek Forever Close My Eyes
From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots Ipecac Recordings 2002
12:21 AM
Lucrecia Dalt - Endiendo
Lucrecia Dalt Endiendo N
No Era Sólida RVNG Intl. 2020
12:25 AM
Cabaret Voltaire - Obsession
Cabaret Voltaire Obsession
The Voice of America 1980
12:30 AM
Larry Heard - Midnight Movement
Larry Heard Midnight Movement
Sceneries Not Songs, Vol 1 1994
12:32 AM
Set Break: stretchy gooey brain time
12:41 AM
Arthur Russell - Big Moon
Arthur Russell Big Moon
Love Is Overtaking Me Audika 2008
12:43 AM
Iva Bittova - Kdoule
Iva Bittova Kdoule
Bile Inferno Indies 1997
12:50 AM
Molero - Jaguar Capybaras
Molero Jaguar Capybaras
Ficciones Del Trópico Holuzam 2020
12:53 AM
Set Break: goooodnighty
12:55 AM
Svitlana Nianio - Epilogue
Svitlana Nianio Epilogue
Lisova Kolekciya Skire 2017
Chat is archived.
Ameena (host) 11:04:38 PM
another epic night in the chatroom...
Dana K 11:05:34 PM
Whoa, I don't know this version, but I know the original version of Valium by Ffa Coffi Pawb
Dana K 11:05:50 PM
Which was Gruff Rhys band pre-Super Furry Animals
Dana K 11:06:03 PM
How strange!!
Ameena (host) 11:06:58 PM
ooh i didn't know this was a cover! but i guess it would make sense since this ep has another cover... of kerosene :0
Dana K 11:06:58 PM
I heard that cover on Deirdre's show the other day!
Ameena (host) 11:09:14 PM
it's amazing!! he brought it to my attention too
jimbeaux 11:11:48 PM
is fonky
Ameena (host) 11:12:54 PM
shiny remixed hold music...
jimbeaux 11:12:49 PM
on hold forever...
Ameena (host) 11:13:26 PM
i kind of wish this concept was executed with the really crackly scratchy hold music though
jimbeaux 11:13:33 PM
dead language of hold musique
Ameena (host) 11:14:36 PM
this is what you hear if you call the wprb number now...
jimbeaux 11:16:38 PM
no, it just rings and rings!
Ameena (host) 11:18:07 PM
unfortunately... i wish we had hold music
jimbeaux 11:18:13 PM
the studio spiders aren't numerous or strong enough to pick up the phone...yet
Ameena (host) 11:19:03 PM
one day!