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The Right to Remain Silent

Nov 8, 2020 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

With Dante

The Right to Remain Silent
8:03 PM
Poppies - Politician
Poppies Politician
Bed Music Poppies 2019
8:05 PM
Options - Warm
Options Warm
Window's Open 565568 Records DK 2020
8:09 PM
Sin Kitty - Softer
Sin Kitty Softer
Softer Erradic 2019
8:12 PM
Luck of Aleia - Finally
Luck of Aleia Finally
Six Songs Caulfield Records 1999
8:17 PM
Cap'n Jazz - Planet Shhh
Cap'n Jazz Planet Shhh
Analphabetapolothology Epitaph 2016
never meant...
8:19 PM
Quickspace - Obvious
Quickspace Obvious
Precious Falling Hidden Agenda Records 1999
8:25 PM
Duster - Stars Will Fall
Duster Stars Will Fall
Capsule Losing Contact Numero Group 2019
8:27 PM
Toner - Smoov
Toner Smoov
Silk Road Smoking Room 2020
8:34 PM
Dirty Three - I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night
Dirty Three I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night
Whatever You Love, You Are Bella Union 2000
8:40 PM
Mirrorring - Fell Sound
Mirrorring Fell Sound
Foreign Body kranky 2012
8:46 PM
The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat
The Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat
Blueberry Boat Rough Trade 2004
9:03 PM
Los Planetas - Maniobra de Evasion
Los Planetas Maniobra de Evasion
Unidad de Desplazamiento RCA Records Label 2000
9:03 PM
Rocketship - Like a Dream
Rocketship Like a Dream
Rarities Nonstop Co-op 2017
9:07 PM
ponies - Ambasa
ponies Ambasa
Back and Forth - EP sausage ketchup records 2020
9:10 PM
Sin Kitty - Wondering
Sin Kitty Wondering
Softer Erradic 2016
9:13 PM
Gunk - Kill 'Em All
Gunk Kill 'Em All
Gradual Shove Ranch Jams 2013
9:16 PM
Hold Music - Time So Flights
Hold Music Time So Flights
The Infinite Sigh 2016
9:19 PM
Rocketship - It's Gonna Be Soon
Rocketship It's Gonna Be Soon
Rarities Nonstop Co-op 2017
9:21 PM
Kite Operations - Effervescence
Kite Operations Effervescence
Dandelion Day K.O.A. Records 2005
9:31 PM
65daysofstatic - Await Rescue
65daysofstatic Await Rescue
One Time for All Time Monotreme Records 2005
9:37 PM
Ambersmoke - Salem
Ambersmoke Salem
Lay My Bones Beneath the Valley Oak Bone Orchard 2019
9:39 PM
Halley - Kites Are Slow Downers/The Return
Halley Kites Are Slow Downers/The Return
Forget the Leaves, Autumn Will Change Us All Over Again Recordings 2002
9:57 PM
Sin Kitty - Don't Be Crazy
Sin Kitty Don't Be Crazy
Softer Erradic 2019
9:57 PM
Bunny Boy - Pond Eyes
Bunny Boy Pond Eyes
Did the Angels Come to Kiss You Arbitrary Phrase Records 2019
Chat is archived.
Dante (host) 8:03:23 PM
Welcome to TRTRS
JOSH 8:57:41 PM
I had tix for 2020 Pitchfork Fest... RIP.
JOSH 8:58:01 PM
Would have been cool to see fiery Furnaces
Dante (host) 9:02:43 PM
Aww damn that's a real shame!! I forget who else was supposed to play it, but i assume there were some great acts
jimbeaux 9:16:44 PM
like tha Gunk!
Dante (host) 9:18:33 PM
they were from philly...last album was in 2015 so doesn't look like they are around anymore unfortunately :(
JOSH 9:20:57 PM
I am new to WPRB. Really enjoying TRTRS!
JOSH 9:21:45 PM
@Dante what are some of your favorite WPRB shows?
Dante (host) 9:22:27 PM
glad you're enjoying the show/WPRB more broadly josh!!
Dante (host) 9:29:37 PM
Hmmm thats a tough one. It depends if you are looking for more poppy/indie/mainstream stuff or really esoteric music. Jon Solomon is an all time-classic show. He's been on the air for something like 30 years now. Clowntronics w/ ameena is super cool/esoteric stuff you wouldn't hear anywhere else. SLOP w/ Pax is fantastic too.
Dante (host) 9:30:27 PM
@jimbeaux probably could provide you with the most precise recommendations. He's got a lock-in on the station's sound :-)
Dante (host) 9:34:30 PM
Other highlights: Uneasy Listening w/ Commie Francis, The Downer Party w/ Casey (probs the most similar to my show), and The Litterbox w/ Kat
Dante (host) 9:36:06 PM
Here's a super secret link (copy and paste) of the up-to-date graphic of the schedule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t-fiyBcWcd9izHmqxfZm1dAIv2IHWG6D/view?usp=sharing
Ike 9:46:04 PM
Sounds good! I don't get a chance to tune in to PRB too often but maybe I'll check out those recommendations too.
Dante (host) 9:50:15 PM
Thanks for listening Ike! It's also fun to just tune in at random times and see what you get. Playing the PRB lottery
JOSH 9:55:29 PM
Thanks! I definitely will keep tuning in.
Dante (host) 9:58:04 PM
Thanks for listening Josh! Welcome to PRB :))