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Nov 19, 2020 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With ameena

NEW wprb special dark roast ambient coffee coming soon to stores near YOU! but until then, join me on the sofa of life with a delicious advance copy cup of ambient joe. mmmm... velvety.

19 // shrimp colour perceiving


11:00 PM
Flora Yin-Wong - Loci I
Flora Yin-Wong Loci I N
Holy Palm Modern Love 2020
11:12 PM
Flora Yin-Wong - Loci II
Flora Yin-Wong Loci II N
Holy Palm Modern Love 2020
11:24 PM
Set Break: ambient zonk-out thursday
11:27 PM
Интурист - Пора стать нормальным
Интурист Пора стать нормальным N
Comfort Incompetence Records 2020
11:35 PM
Ut - Absent Farmer
Ut Absent Farmer
Conviction Out Records 2019
11:40 PM
Ana Roxanne - Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose
Ana Roxanne Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose N
Because of a Flower kranky 2020
actually gives me chills ... god.
11:46 PM
Flaming Tunes - Generous Moon
Flaming Tunes Generous Moon N
Flaming Tunes Superior Viaduct 2020
11:51 PM
Emily A. Sprague - Woven
Emily A. Sprague Woven N
Hill, Flower, Fog RVNG Intl. 2020
11:56 PM
Pascals Dsa 2001
11:57 PM
Set Break: hehe
12:01 AM
Various Artists - Baling
Various Artists Baling
Sounds of the Junk Yard Folkways Records 1964
12:07 AM
Flaming Tunes - A to B
Flaming Tunes A to B N
Flaming Tunes Superior Viaduct 2020
12:11 AM
Jesterbells - Whims
Jesterbells Whims
Just Like Apples On The Tree Marsh-Marigold 1989


12:13 AM
Okkyung Lee - Meolly Ganeun
Okkyung Lee Meolly Ganeun
Ghil Ideologic Organ 2013
12:20 AM
Pedestrian Deposit - A Cold Harvest
Pedestrian Deposit A Cold Harvest
The Architector Monorail Trespassing 2016
12:24 AM
Set Break: and a cold evening too...
12:40 AM
Raime - Soil and Colts
Raime Soil and Colts
Quarter Turns Over a Living Line Blackest Ever Black 2014
12:46 AM
Akio Suzuki - “De Koolmees” (Stick Percussion Method)
Akio Suzuki “De Koolmees” (Stick Percussion Method) N
Zeitstudie Room 40 2020
12:55 AM
A Primary Industry - Sans Orange
A Primary Industry Sans Orange
Ultramarine Sweatbox 1986
1:00 AM
Theoretical Girls - Computer Dating
Theoretical Girls Computer Dating
Theoretical Record Acute Records 2002
Chat is archived.
Ameena (host) 11:04:23 PM
a good eve to fellow ambient enjoyers...
jimbeaux 11:13:42 PM
eve good, time for some nerve-smoothing
Ameena (host) 11:14:00 PM
oh yes... i am very much in need of that too
jimbeaux 11:17:39 PM
Love the gamelan-y interludes...
Ameena (host) 11:17:51 PM
this track really has it all...
jimbeaux 12:02:05 AM
Ameena (host) 12:03:43 AM
DJ Maxi 12:16:42 AM
how is Lee making these sounds on the cello..
DJ Maxi 12:16:55 AM
also the UT and Интурист album cuts were soo good!
Mark 12:16:56 AM
Live again tonight? If so another bonus amens show
Mark 12:17:25 AM
Ameena (host) 12:19:30 AM
yup live again!!
Ameena (host) 12:19:46 AM
@dj maxi I KNOW RIGHT....
Ameena (host) 12:20:45 AM
cello is.... wild
DJ Maxi 12:28:19 AM
the mic break and this track go so well together lol
DJ Maxi 12:28:37 AM
again i have no idea how theyre making these sounds tho haha
Ameena (host) 12:29:45 AM
thank u omg! also uncertain on how these were made... but that's the fun i suppose!
DJ Maxi 12:39:38 AM
haha def! its lowkey soothing but terrifying at the same time lol
DJ Maxi 12:39:55 AM
like goth ambient + asmr... thats probs a genre out there
Ian Smith 12:40:21 AM
that was incredibly beautiful
Ameena (host) 12:41:08 AM
thanks ian! :)
Ameena (host) 12:41:34 AM
@dj maxi oooh yes... goth noisy ambient asmrcore
Mark 12:44:20 AM
Never disappoint w the post mid nite sound You back on Thanksgiving
Ameena (host) 12:46:49 AM
sure will be!!
Mark 12:48:53 AM
Great to hear / every Thursday dj so extremely time of day appropriate
Mark 12:52:03 AM
This will be a rebroadcast insomnia first hour listen / second hour relisten
Ameena (host) 12:56:28 AM
hell yeah! glad to hear that :)
Ameena (host) 1:04:42 AM
um... don't know why i still seem to be on air...