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Roll the Dice

Nov 21, 2020 6:00 PM β€“ 8:00 PM

With Hanna

roll the dice 21

a tribute to the station
Roll the Dice
6:07 PM
Salah Ragab - Ramadan In Space Time
Salah Ragab Ramadan In Space Time
Egyptian Jazz (Remastered) Art Yard 2006
6:09 PM
May Erlewine - Palm of My Hand
May Erlewine Palm of My Hand
Anyway sapsucker productions 2020
6:13 PM
Jefferson Airplane - In the Morning
Jefferson Airplane In the Morning
Surrealistic Pillow RCA/BMG Heritage 2003
6:20 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:26 PM
The Runaways - Rock & Roll
The Runaways Rock & Roll
The Runaways Island Def Jam 2010
6:28 PM
ESG - Parking Lot Blues
ESG Parking Lot Blues
Come Away With Esg Fire Records 2010
6:31 PM
Herbie Hancock - Chameleon
Herbie Hancock Chameleon
Head Hunters Columbia/Legacy 1973
6:46 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:00 PM
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kiss Them For Me
Siouxsie and the Banshees Kiss Them For Me
7:03 PM
Cadenza, M.I.A. & GuiltyBeatz - Up Inna
Cadenza, M.I.A. & GuiltyBeatz Up Inna
Up Inna - EP Twenty8Twelve 2020
7:07 PM
Patrick Cowley - Spiked Punch
Patrick Cowley Spiked Punch
Some Funkettes Dark Entries Records 2020
7:18 PM
Chihei Hatakeyama - Driving Wings
Chihei Hatakeyama Driving Wings
Black Swallow white paddy mountain 2020
7:23 PM
Patrick Cowley - Nightcrawler
Patrick Cowley Nightcrawler
School Daze Dark Entries Records 2013
7:29 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:37 PM
Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity
Giorgio Moroder From Here to Eternity
From Here To Eternity... And Back Mercury Records 1985
7:43 PM
Sylvester - Blackbird
Sylvester Blackbird
Living Proof (Remastered) Fantasy Records 1990
7:54 PM
Minutemen - Corona
Minutemen Corona
Introducing the Minutemen SST Records 1980
7:54 PM
Team Dresch - Endtime Relay
Team Dresch Endtime Relay
Hand Grenade +2 - Single Kill Rock Stars 2019
Chat is archived.
Hanna (host) 6:07:16 PM
salutations kind listener
Thomas 6:10:33 PM
Hanna (host) 6:11:27 PM
so peaceful
Hanna (host) 6:14:12 PM
how goes it Thomas?
Thomas 6:15:24 PM
good good, mega chillin to this soundtrack
Thomas 6:15:41 PM
kinda melancholy saturday night, in a good way tho
Corage Mike 6:16:07 PM
Hanna (host) 6:16:47 PM
i've been having a slow november weekend too
Hanna (host) 6:17:00 PM
hi Corage Mike, good to have you
Corage Mike 6:18:01 PM
Jorma from JA live tonight on YouTube, quarantine weekly live show. Guy is 80 and sounds as good as this song.
Hanna (host) 6:18:28 PM
superb! will check it out
Corage Mike 6:19:00 PM
27 th week of shows. Unstoppable.
Hanna (host) 6:29:04 PM
i imagine he's also looking for something to pass the time
Mark 6:29:28 PM
Hi Hanna - ironically just bought β€œthe alchemist” yesterday/ I won’t mind if u read a few chapters aloud tonite
Mark 6:30:47 PM
Maybe I’ll follow along and transcribe to the chat what you read. :)
Hanna (host) 6:30:50 PM
it's got to be Providence
Mark 6:31:22 PM
Ha divine Providence !
Hanna (host) 6:31:42 PM
i'll take care not to read anything too critical for the storyline
Hanna (host) 6:32:02 PM
fair warning: SO MUCH FUNK in this
Mark 6:33:32 PM
Are you familiar w andy kaufman read great gatsby at his shows : maybe u doing a books on tape as a new WPRB feature :)
Hanna (host) 6:37:23 PM
intriguing...almost too good of an idea: there are so many great books to choose from
Mark 6:41:05 PM
Starting w the alchemist or u could just stay w the funk ;)
Hanna (host) 6:41:56 PM
this time around, there'll be excerpt, as for next week, who knows? anything could happen
Hanna (host) 6:42:04 PM
Selecta Jerry 6:52:50 PM
Haha give me warm days everyday
Mark 6:53:13 PM
Weather and traffic on the tens !
Selecta Jerry 6:55:40 PM
I saw hanna wearing gloves indoors today she deserves to sweat
Selecta Jerry 6:56:28 PM
Hanna (host) 6:59:41 PM
they were fingerless gloves!
Mark 7:00:13 PM
Haha young one: pronounced suuzee / it’s a great song to follow the reading
Hanna (host) 7:00:32 PM
way too many extraneous letters in that
Mark 7:01:40 PM
And I just got home so i can start on my alchemist/ replete w brand new book smell !
Hanna (host) 7:05:18 PM
was it a local Philly bookstore purchase? i'm trying to find more of them, for future adventures
Selecta Jerry 7:05:19 PM
Cadenza and mia whoop whoop
Buck Wild 7:06:37 PM
Thanks for the adventures through Southern Spain
Hanna (host) 7:07:55 PM
southern spain?
Mark 7:08:38 PM
Actually the indie book store in Newtown/ saw the copy in the window
Hanna (host) 7:08:14 PM
oooh nice
Hanna (host) 7:08:36 PM
M.I.A! always coming through with new bops
Mark 7:10:04 PM
Highly recommend the store/ I have no connection to it / back to the Saturday nite funk !
Selecta Jerry 7:10:35 PM
Heard mia for the first time on wprb way back in the day
Hanna (host) 7:10:34 PM
patrick cowley is my new hero
Selecta Jerry 7:11:40 PM
One of the shows back then would play mia and lasy sovereign like crazy
Hanna (host) 7:11:09 PM
i can still remember the first time my sisters college friend showed me MIA: we watched at least 2 hours of her music videos
Mark 7:13:59 PM
Nice show as always but still waiting for u to roll the dice / hopefully my lucky number appears :)
Hanna (host) 7:16:10 PM
happy to say, there are more rolls left
Selecta Jerry 7:16:18 PM
There ya go mark a mid song roll
Hanna (host) 7:16:34 PM
though i do always say the die is weighted
Mark 7:17:33 PM
Got it / however lene lovich wouldn’t agree !!
Buck Wild 7:19:10 PM
Andalusia , in your reading of the alchemist,located in southern Spain near North Africa,where the Moors invaded.
Hanna (host) 7:19:29 PM
oh most definitely Buck Wild, i've been spending all my time in Jersey, it's fried my Brain, thank you
Buck Wild 7:19:57 PM
Thanks for the tunes
Hanna (host) 7:25:09 PM
Mark 7:35:24 PM
Lene lovich agrees with that roll 🎲
Hanna (host) 7:39:10 PM
I've now named that side 'Lene Lovich', we'll have to find names for the other 5
Mark 7:42:51 PM
Haha love georgio and 1977 !
Hanna (host) 7:43:41 PM
so glad, and now....get ready for Sylvester
Mark 7:46:28 PM
Haha/ your spirit animal? πŸ¦…
Hanna (host) 7:47:23 PM
could do, a favorite song of mine, and a new favorite cover
Mark 7:49:09 PM
And we have commie francis to follow this rollicking fun / great station!
Buck Wild 7:50:41 PM
WPRB Saved my life
Hanna (host) 7:53:08 PM
<3 WPRB appreciates you Buck Wild
Mark 7:55:40 PM
Two hours flew by !
Hanna (host) 7:56:02 PM
with great company :)
Hanna (host) 7:57:45 PM
see everyone next week , or in the other chats :-]