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Dec 3, 2020 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With ameena

NEW wprb special dark roast ambient coffee coming soon to stores near YOU! but until then, join me on the sofa of life with a delicious advance copy cup of ambient joe. mmmm... velvety.

21 // music 2 eat carrots to

yeah i'm playing music or whatever

11:02 PM
Cyclones - I'm In Heaven
Cyclones I'm In Heaven N
Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 V/A Captured Tracks 2020
11:04 PM
bar italia - Mariana Trenchrock
bar italia Mariana Trenchrock N
Quarrel World Music 2020
11:06 PM
Suckdog - The Song of the Flying Cats of the Stars
Suckdog The Song of the Flying Cats of the Stars
Drugs Are Nice Nut Music 2010
11:11 PM
Computerwife - Leave Me Be
Computerwife Leave Me Be N
Computerwife - EP 1893153 Records DK 2020
11:14 PM
Cyrnai - Waydom (Demo)
Cyrnai Waydom (Demo)
Charred Blossoms Dark Entries 2018

orig. 1985

11:17 PM
Midwife, Mark Trecka - In Ellipsis Landscapes
Midwife, Mark Trecka In Ellipsis Landscapes N
In / Heaven The Flenser 2020
11:24 PM
Set Break: beep beep
11:35 PM
少女人形 - 少女地獄
少女人形 少女地獄
狂人のモノローグ Lovely Chaos 1985


11:38 PM
Joan Marie Polo - Wayward
Joan Marie Polo Wayward
The Love And Affection I Used To Have s/r 2005


11:41 PM
Suckdog - Ugh Ugh Ugh
Suckdog Ugh Ugh Ugh
Drugs Are Nice Nut Music 2010
11:47 PM
Chari Chari - Suburban Archeology
Chari Chari Suburban Archeology N
We Hear the Last Decades Dreaming Seeds And Ground 2020
11:49 PM
Les Tétines Noires - Les Captains
Les Tétines Noires Les Captains
Analog Anthomologies Icy Cold Records 2019
11:53 PM
K.U.K.L. - Seagull
K.U.K.L. Seagull
The Eye Crass 1984
11:57 PM
Loke Rahbek - With Complete Will
Loke Rahbek With Complete Will
The Female Form Posh Isolation 2017
11:59 PM
Set Break: mmmm
12:05 AM
Factrix - Heavy Breathing
Factrix Heavy Breathing
Scheintot Superior Viaduct 2012
12:10 AM
Deadchovsky - Le Cirque Vicieux
Deadchovsky Le Cirque Vicieux
Spiritus Sancti Bizarre Manic Depression 2007
12:15 AM
Algebra Suicide - Sonics
Algebra Suicide Sonics
Swoon Body 1991


12:19 AM
Electric Eels - Splitterty Splat
Electric Eels Splitterty Splat
Jaguar Ride - Single Hozac 2014
12:21 AM
町田町蔵 - 機械がどんどん廻る廻る KIKAI WA ODORU
町田町蔵 機械がどんどん廻る廻る KIKAI WA ODORU
どてらい奴ら [Wild and Crazy Guys] 宝島 1986


12:23 AM
Deux Filles - Mata Laya Pata
Deux Filles Mata Laya Pata
Space & Time Les Disques du Crepuscule 2016
12:27 AM
Cultural Amnesia - Materialistic Man
Cultural Amnesia Materialistic Man
Enormous Savages Enlarged Klanggalerie 2010
12:30 AM
Painjerk - Uncle Scum
Painjerk Uncle Scum
Mission Invisible Hospital Productions 2019
12:37 AM
Cindy Lee - Operation
Cindy Lee Operation
Act of Tenderness W.25TH / Superior Viaduct 2018
12:40 AM
Lovesliescrushing - Blurskin
Lovesliescrushing Blurskin
Girl Echo Suns Veils Projekt 2010
12:42 AM
Set Break: ~~~~~ i don't know what to put here
12:46 AM
Deux Filles - Soft Crushed Love
Deux Filles Soft Crushed Love
Space & Time Les Disques du Crepuscule 2016
12:48 AM
Tiger Trap - You & Me
Tiger Trap You & Me
Tiger Trap K Records 1993
12:50 AM
Christina Vantzou - Back Porch
Christina Vantzou Back Porch N
Multi Natural Edições CN 2020
12:57 AM
Rafika Duri - Catatan Kisah
Rafika Duri Catatan Kisah
Tirai Musica Studio 1982
Chat is archived.
Ameena (host) 11:05:25 PM
hi everyonee
Bo 11:14:05 PM
Dammit, I'm fresh out of carrots, how about haddock bites. Hi ameena.
Ameena (host) 11:15:03 PM
works just as well!
Bo 11:14:52 PM
Ah good :)
jimbeaux 11:25:41 PM
Hiya, 'meena, hola bo!
Bo 11:27:04 PM
Greetings Jimbeaux!
Ameena (host) 11:27:51 PM
Mark 11:27:38 PM
Hi Ameena heard last week show on the rebroadcast last night / pop music at its finest ;)
Ameena (host) 11:29:27 PM
it's what i truly strive to bring here on the good ol' prb
jimbeaux 11:29:25 PM
"Sheet" music :)
Ameena (host) 11:30:16 PM
Mark 11:31:34 PM
Haha the sheets came out the dryer ok ?
Ameena (host) 11:35:21 PM
yup! all retrieved in the end...
Ameena (host) 11:35:33 PM
sufficiently fresh and warm
Mark 11:38:42 PM
I wasn’t sure if there was a positive ending there / I listened while safely under a table
Ameena (host) 11:39:13 PM
i may have left it a bit ambiguous...
Mark 11:46:48 PM
Back to listening while under a table !
Ameena (host) 11:48:28 PM
a quite comforting spot imo...
Mark 11:53:07 PM
Yes it is , now if I only had clean warm sheets ...
Ameena (host) 11:54:15 PM
the perfect addition to any setting!
Ian Smith 12:57:13 AM
the fastest two hours of the week! thanks for enlivening the night
Ameena (host) 12:58:20 AM
always happy to! thanks for listening :~)