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Roll the Dice

Dec 5, 2020 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Hanna

roll the dice 23

wacky week

Roll the Dice
6:04 PM
Black Sabbath - Hard Life to Love
Black Sabbath Hard Life to Love
The Eternal Idol Rhino/Warner Records 2004
6:09 PM
Molchat Doma - Дома Молчат
Molchat Doma Дома Молчат
С Крыш Наших Домов Sacred Bones Records 2020
6:11 PM
Jethro Tull - Pibroch (Cap In Hand)
Jethro Tull Pibroch (Cap In Hand)
Songs from the Wood (Remastered) Parlophone UK 2003
6:27 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:31 PM
Le Vent Du Nord - La Marche Des Iroquois / Papineau (Live)
Le Vent Du Nord La Marche Des Iroquois / Papineau (Live)
Celtic Colours Live, Vol. 4 Celtic Colours 2016
6:36 PM
Kronos Quartet - Time Remembered (feat. Eddie Gomez)
Kronos Quartet Time Remembered (feat. Eddie Gomez)
Kronos Quartet: Music of Bill Evans (feat. Eddie Gomez & Jim Hall) Savoy 1985
6:41 PM
Claudio Rocchi - Tutti insieme
Claudio Rocchi Tutti insieme
La norma del cielo - Volo magico n. 2 RCA Records Label 1972
6:46 PM
Phoebe Bridgers - 7 O'Clock News / Silent Night (feat. Fiona Apple & Matt Berninger)
Phoebe Bridgers 7 O'Clock News / Silent Night (feat. Fiona Apple & Matt Berninger)
7 O'Clock News / Silent Night (feat. Fiona Apple & Matt Berninger) - Single Dead Oceans 2019
6:48 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:49 PM
Matthew Halsall - Harmony with Nature
Matthew Halsall Harmony with Nature N
Salute to the Sun Gondwana Records 2020
7:00 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:11 PM
Mary Lattimore - Til a Mermaid Drags You Under
Mary Lattimore Til a Mermaid Drags You Under
Silver Ladders Ghostly International 2020
7:22 PM
Patrick Watson - Je Te Laisserai Des Mots
Patrick Watson Je Te Laisserai Des Mots
Je Te Laisserai Des Mots - Single Secret City Records 2010
7:29 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:35 PM
Sensations Fix - Grow On You
Sensations Fix Grow On You
Music Is Painting In the Air (1974-1977) RVNG INTL. 2012
7:40 PM
Édith Piaf - Bal dans ma rue
Édith Piaf Bal dans ma rue
Hymne a l'amour
7:42 PM
Sylvester - I (Who Have Nothing)
Sylvester I (Who Have Nothing)
Stars Fantasy Records 2009
7:56 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:57 PM
Stereolab - Nous Vous Demandons Pardon
Stereolab Nous Vous Demandons Pardon
Chemical Chords 4AD 2008
Chat is archived.
Hanna (host) 6:04:09 PM
jimbeaux 6:05:40 PM
You? Yew? Ewe?
Hanna (host) 6:06:00 PM
ewe, ofc
Hanna (host) 6:07:06 PM
you ever read asimov's rant about the stupidity/plurality of the english language?
jimbeaux 6:07:41 PM
Eye half knot.
Hanna (host) 6:08:31 PM
thow hast understud it withaut reeding...impresieve
Tiny Tim 6:10:54 PM
tiny tim
Hanna (host) 6:11:33 PM
Hanna (host) 6:11:43 PM
the legend, Tim...all hail
jimbeaux 6:12:32 PM
Aye well czech a tout!
Hanna (host) 6:14:36 PM
"Forget It!" ...the aktuel naym ov hiz werk
Corage Mike 6:15:34 PM
Cool, but someone played Thick as Brick Pt. 1 this week.... can’t top that.
Hanna (host) 6:15:22 PM
Hanna (host) 6:16:00 PM
i giveup my Tull leaderboard status
Corage Mike 6:16:43 PM
nice try though.
Bud Burroughs 6:17:15 PM
Well, Songs From the Wood is my favorite Tull album, so I'm still putting you in first place.
Hanna (host) 6:16:47 PM
thanks Bud!
Corage Mike 6:17:47 PM
Chivalry is not dead.
Hanna (host) 6:17:36 PM
what sound can't tull create with the flute?
Hanna (host) 6:17:52 PM
that's a challenge to y'all tull fans
Corage Mike 6:19:30 PM
Been a dead head along time and J Garcia does some really weird MIDI parts.
Hanna (host) 6:19:34 PM
garcia on Midi? which decade
Corage Mike 6:20:54 PM
All through the 80’s, when they would do
Corage Mike 6:21:00 PM
Bud Burroughs 6:21:16 PM
Yeah, that wasn't my favorite Jerry tone.
Corage Mike 6:24:35 PM
No. But he was really trying to please himself mostly. Brent on keyboards really started to stretch his guitar playing. Less rock.
Hanna (host) 6:32:24 PM
for the longest time I was stuck with American Beauty, on repeat. one of the few CDs I had at the time
Bud Burroughs 6:37:10 PM
That and Workingman's Dead are really a high point for the band in terms of songwriting and vocal harmonies.
Corage Mike 6:37:17 PM
That’s as sweet as it gets.
Mark 6:38:25 PM
Love the le quebecois ! Encore
Corage Mike 6:38:37 PM
Excellent Rhino podcasts out there on both those albums. Song by song. If you can bear to turn of WPRB.
Corage Mike 6:39:04 PM
Off... its hard to do.
Hanna (host) 6:40:31 PM
turn it off? nevvvver, closest i get is put volume on low..must achieve 100% brainwashing
Hanna (host) 6:41:15 PM
Am.Beauty has beauty in its simplicity. i'll give those podcasts a listen
Hanna (host) 6:41:26 PM
hiya Mark :)
Corage Mike 6:41:31 PM
Over thirty years for me... my brain is toast.
Hanna (host) 6:42:32 PM
Hanna (host) 6:43:23 PM
take care not to eat it for sunday breakfast
Corage Mike 6:45:21 PM
Used to lock forward to the downer party to take a nap.
Hanna (host) 6:45:40 PM
lay thy head down
Kat Kat 6:48:03 PM
omg I love this single of phoebez! was gonna play on my show too haha
Kat Kat 6:49:16 PM
idk why it wouldn't let me change my nickname to Kat so I changed it to Kat katt
Hanna (host) 6:49:27 PM
ugh she so good
Selecta Jerry 6:50:15 PM
Sounded like a xmas song to me
Bud Burroughs 6:51:05 PM
Yes, was a lovely not-Christmas song
Hanna (host) 6:50:36 PM
jerry,....i would Never do that, of course not
Selecta Jerry 6:50:39 PM
Somebody is not telling the truth
Hanna (host) 6:50:44 PM
imaging things
Hanna (host) 6:51:07 PM
Selecta Jerry 6:51:36 PM
Not so sure we can trust you with the dice 🎲
Kat Kat 6:52:39 PM
dice privileges rescinded
Hanna (host) 6:52:26 PM
excuse me, what~~~
Hanna (host) 6:52:56 PM
Selecta Jerry 6:53:43 PM
Mark 6:54:20 PM
Candles lit + dinner + roll the dice = Sat Evening Happiness :)
Hanna (host) 6:54:12 PM
perhaps some bread Rolls? for dinner
Selecta Jerry 6:56:04 PM
Steak mac n cheese and garlic bread here
Selecta Jerry 6:57:04 PM
Oh and roll the dice
Hanna (host) 6:57:24 PM
Wow thats fixing for some comfort food jerry
Hanna (host) 6:57:38 PM
the dice will roll ....
Kat Kat 7:00:24 PM
calling it... it's a... 3
Kat Kat 7:00:48 PM
Selecta Jerry 7:01:17 PM
6 came up because you led off with Sabbath
Corage Mike 7:02:07 PM
Mark 7:02:38 PM
U will not forget Delaware This summer / will be site of Summer White House Make sure signal reaches Rehobeth
Mark 7:05:23 PM
Can picture new prez saturday listening to SOTC ;)
Selecta Jerry 7:07:33 PM
No politicians listen to reggae it brings to much fire pon them
Mark 7:10:08 PM
I bet FLOTUS will then / SOTC influences national policy !
Selecta Jerry 7:11:33 PM
She does have some jamaican roots
Hanna (host) 7:12:08 PM
gud idea mark, gonna talk with our engineers, perhaps we can execute a powerful blast to mr.presidente
Hanna (host) 7:13:55 PM
anyone else have difficulty processing that we're in the last month of 2020?
Kat Kat 7:17:25 PM
Kat Kat 7:17:34 PM
we should buy another transmitter just for this purpose
Mark 7:17:34 PM
Yes they won’t b able to stream all times / maybe they’ll show up in the listener chat 💭
Hanna (host) 7:18:45 PM
Mark 7:20:05 PM
Not quite sure don and jr and ivanka tuned in - they r penn grads so maybe they prefer that other station
Selecta Jerry 7:20:32 PM
They would never admit they listen to prb
Selecta Jerry 7:21:07 PM
Them trumps listen to edm i bet
Mark 7:23:00 PM
Haha I’m using ferry to del next week - will report back on signal strength
Hanna (host) 7:23:08 PM
going to the land of the Del!? try not to get too wet
Big Al 7:23:14 PM
Hanna (host) 7:23:41 PM
get em votes in...1.5minutes left
Kat Kat 7:24:52 PM
https://www.bbc.co.uk/music/articles/e5e4572a-0676-4120-9eb3-d34bbea34836 turns out trump likes reggae.... also turns out he apparently socked his music teacher in the face in second grade
Kat Kat 7:25:20 PM
im gonna guess 2
Selecta Jerry 7:25:50 PM
Kat Kat 7:25:57 PM
wait is this 6 sided
Kat Kat 7:26:03 PM
or two rolls
Selecta Jerry 7:26:36 PM
Kat Kat 7:26:56 PM
fuck okay im gonna guess 8
Big Al 7:26:25 PM
Mark 7:27:56 PM
Scandal : 0 rename old shows 2
Big Al 7:27:34 PM
Selecta Jerry 7:28:47 PM
What is this the price is right? Dice games dont work that way
Big Al 7:28:35 PM
Love it! Awesome prize
Kat Kat 7:29:50 PM
yeah Jerrys right. dice privileges rescinded again
Selecta Jerry 7:30:40 PM
Kat you gotta take hanna to the casino sometime to show her the ropes
Corage Mike 7:30:44 PM
Favorite oils. Top three?
Big Al 7:31:49 PM
Synthetic 😆
Corage Mike 7:31:52 PM
Mark 7:34:08 PM
Type of oil was omitted in the volume I followed along with ...
Hanna (host) 7:34:24 PM
really? did it say just oil?
Hanna (host) 7:34:55 PM
jerry: i'm a 'dice-game-host in training'
Mark 7:35:09 PM
Quaker state is my favorite/ not synthetic blend
Hanna (host) 7:35:21 PM
cocunut oil
Selecta Jerry 7:35:47 PM
Drop out of princeton and go to casino dealer school
Mark 7:35:50 PM
And i am following in my 2 week old volume !
Mark 7:37:04 PM
Haha jerry/ r u on leave from Princeton this semester ?
Hanna (host) 7:37:07 PM
my copy was printed 2001, with some typos to match
Kat Kat 7:39:44 PM
hahahah jerry I have never been to a casino in my life.... but I would probably be good at it. maybe
Mark 7:40:04 PM
Mine has prominently on cover ; 25 anniversary edition / was not signed by the author
Hanna (host) 7:40:43 PM
kat & hanna take Atlantic City::: and livebroadcast it on PRB
Mark 7:40:54 PM
Unfortunately not le Quebecoise :(
Hanna (host) 7:41:43 PM
jerry gets too distracted by the sick beat to study for classes...amirite
Selecta Jerry 7:41:59 PM
Wait for after the pandemic so your trip can get really crazy
Hanna (host) 7:41:59 PM
get ready for a Ball: with sylvester.up next!
Hanna (host) 7:42:29 PM
pandemic casino would be us in the parking lot, 6 feet apart , yelling into a single microphone
Selecta Jerry 7:42:43 PM
I havent studied anything in 30 years 🤓
Mark 7:42:12 PM
I bet Jerry could assist w eigen vectors
Mark 7:42:35 PM
Better than i or most listeners
Selecta Jerry 7:44:23 PM
Well educational anyway
Mark 7:45:02 PM
I was at parx casino in Philly last sunday/ surprisingly crowded : lots plexiglass Dividers
Hanna (host) 7:46:57 PM
i first read sunglasses
Hanna (host) 7:47:06 PM
Hanna (host) 7:47:26 PM
large screens of SunGlasses, definitely protect against covid
Mark 7:48:22 PM
That too 🕶 And walkers
Selecta Jerry 7:48:45 PM
Hanna enjoyed the vibes as always have a great saturday night everyone
Mark 7:49:35 PM
Very nice show / glad that the chat came back after a week off !
Hanna (host) 7:50:29 PM
byyye Jerry, catch you l8r
Hanna (host) 7:50:51 PM
yeeeah , i'm bak after the turkey weekend rest-up
Hanna (host) 7:53:36 PM
glad you've been digging it Mark
Kat Kat 7:54:41 PM
enjoyed tunin in hanna!
Kat Kat 7:54:54 PM
wait is there another roll
jimbeaux 7:55:25 PM
Later, dicey folx!
jimbeaux 7:56:32 PM
Will Hanna's Hungarian Hour ever return???
Hanna (host) 7:57:11 PM
:D Kat, <3
Hanna (host) 7:57:18 PM
thanks for hanging jimbeaux
Hanna (host) 7:58:15 PM
hmmmm, Hanna's Hungarian Hour,,,happenstance a habit-forming haiku