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Roll the Dice

Dec 12, 2020 6:00 PM โ€“ 8:00 PM

With Hanna

roll the dice 24

Roll the Dice
6:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:07 PM
The Byrds - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
The Byrds You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Sweetheart of the Rodeo (Reissue Edition with Bonus Tracks) Columbia/Legacy 1990
6:09 PM
Grateful Dead - New Speedway Boogie
Grateful Dead New Speedway Boogie
Workingman's Dead Rhino/Warner Records 1970
6:18 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:26 PM
Pickettywitch - (It's Like A) Sad Old Kinda Movie
Pickettywitch (It's Like A) Sad Old Kinda Movie
That Same Old Feeling - The Complete Recordings Castle Communications 2001
6:28 PM
Grateful Dead - Truckin'
Grateful Dead Truckin'
American Beauty Rhino/Warner Records 1970
6:33 PM
Adam Carroll - Cole
Adam Carroll Cole
South of Town Down Hole Records 1998
6:38 PM
Joe Ely - Wishin' For You
Joe Ely Wishin' For You
Musta Notta Gotta Lotta MCA Nashville 1981
6:44 PM
Marlon Williams - Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore (feat. Aldous Harding)
Marlon Williams Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore (feat. Aldous Harding)
Make Way for Love 2017
6:50 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:59 PM
OutKast - Bamboo & Cross (Interlude)
OutKast Bamboo & Cross (Interlude)
Idlewild LaFace Records 2006
7:00 PM
Laraaji - Cosmic Joe
Laraaji Cosmic Joe
My Orangeness
7:06 PM
Sharhabil Ahmed - Hirman
Sharhabil Ahmed Hirman
Ya Dunya Noba Records 2017
7:17 PM
Ravi Shankar - Vandanaa Trayee
Ravi Shankar Vandanaa Trayee
Chants of India BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2010
7:30 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:39 PM
Isao Tomita - Suite Bergamasque: Suite Bergamasque / Clair de Lune, No. 3
Isao Tomita Suite Bergamasque: Suite Bergamasque / Clair de Lune, No. 3
Tomita's Greatest Hits BMG Music 1986
7:44 PM
Valentina Goncharova - Passageway To Eternity
Valentina Goncharova Passageway To Eternity
Recordings 1987โ€‹-โ€‹1991, Vol. 1 Muscut 2020
7:56 PM
Vague Imaginaires - L'Essor Du Roraima
Vague Imaginaires L'Essor Du Roraima
L'รฎle D'or Not Not Fun 2020
Chat is archived.
Hanna (host) 6:05:02 PM
welcome !!!
Corage Mike 6:08:02 PM
Good evening..... letโ€™s say four!
Hanna (host) 6:09:28 PM
a nice and even #
Corage Mike 6:09:38 PM
Even better.
Mark 6:11:03 PM
Hi small request : let us know what passage youโ€™ll b reading for us following along :)
Corage Mike 6:10:56 PM
My wife just asked if you are the girl who reads?
Hanna (host) 6:11:10 PM
i am the girl who reads
Hanna (host) 6:11:36 PM
tonight: after the shepherd talks with the old king
Corage Mike 6:11:42 PM
Higher education.....
Brian D 6:12:26 PM
Great start Hanna
Corage Mike 6:12:06 PM
Hey Brian!
Hanna (host) 6:12:09 PM
thank you Brian, great to have you
Brian D 6:13:15 PM
Please don't overcook my flapjacks.... as we used to sing after a great road trip down to the state of Merlin where Jerry and the Boys brought this song back to the East Coast after a long rest
Corage Mike 6:13:06 PM
Got to check Jormaโ€™s You Tube stream tonight.... if we can pull away from this,
Brian D 6:13:47 PM
A dark song yes but we were so happy to hear it.
Brian D 6:14:10 PM
I have it queued up on the yootoobs Mike thanks to your recommend
Tiny Tim 6:14:19 PM
2!!!! 2!!!!!
Tiny Tim 6:14:22 PM
Big Al 6:15:22 PM
Brian D 6:18:54 PM
Passing pipes eh?
Hanna (host) 6:26:10 PM
a great way to spend the midday i imagine
Brian D 6:27:05 PM
And wine? And tea? sounds like a fine day
Brian D 6:27:28 PM
Some exercise crossing sandy stretches
Selecta Jerry 6:27:36 PM
Did someone on here wanna fight? ๐ŸฅŠ๐Ÿคฃ
Hanna (host) 6:27:21 PM
i'm still warming up
Hanna (host) 6:28:16 PM
Brian D 6:29:32 PM
Jerry is in !
Selecta Jerry 6:29:57 PM
Like a do da man
Corage Mike 6:30:01 PM
Brian D 6:30:19 PM
The Late Howard Wales on the organ (RIP this past week)
Corage Mike 6:31:10 PM
Started listening to PRB in the summer of 81.... because of working nights and there was a show that played Truckin one night
Corage Mike 6:31:47 PM
Yeah, never new that until he passed. Thought it was Pig.
Selecta Jerry 6:32:14 PM
81 wow ! It was 84 or 85 for me
Corage Mike 6:32:51 PM
Long storage trip.
Corage Mike 6:32:59 PM
Selecta Jerry 6:33:22 PM
For sure and wprb always helped to add strangeness
Brian D 6:33:35 PM
Yeah somewhere in the mid to late 80s. WTSR too down in da Tren Tonnn
Hanna (host) 6:33:24 PM
this year has been a ~StrangE~ trip
Corage Mike 6:34:11 PM
Jerry, you must have gone to all the shows at City Gardens?
Selecta Jerry 6:34:52 PM
Nah i was more a philly guy / kid
Corage Mike 6:35:50 PM
Probably the same bands. Used to go to the Kyber or Chestnut...Electric Factoty.
Corage Mike 6:36:36 PM
There was plenty of Reggae at CG.... Sunday shows, I think. Saw a few.
Selecta Jerry 6:36:39 PM
Used fake id to see burning spear in 87 at chestnut caberet to put it in perspective
Corage Mike 6:38:13 PM
Saw Yellowman there.
Corage Mike 6:38:38 PM
Specials too!
Brian D 6:38:36 PM
I was of the right age but I never seemed to make it over to City Gardens. Finally had a car in my 20s to drive to Phila and yes it was all about the Khyber Pass, Trocadero, Middle East, Barbary for shows
Brian D 6:38:47 PM
I lived really close to Trenton too
Selecta Jerry 6:39:45 PM
The barbary !
Corage Mike 6:40:01 PM
Forgot about the Troc!
Selecta Jerry 6:40:25 PM
Prb gave tickets away to middle east back in the day
Brian D 6:39:55 PM
I did go to City Gardens for some Thurs (maybe) night dj cheap drinks dance thing. And one concert They Might Be Giants on the Apollo 18 tour.
Brian D 6:40:28 PM
I won some great tickets thanks to WPRB! I learned the secret... ssshhhh ... it has to do with a 2 instead of a zero
Corage Mike 6:41:21 PM
Lived in between Trenton and New Brumfus. Relocated to PA... right across the bridge. Trenton Makes!
Corage Mike 6:42:06 PM
Me too. No kidding.... at least twenty shows.
Corage Mike 6:42:37 PM
Would always wait to call......
Selecta Jerry 6:43:12 PM
Mike you remember a reggae show on wprb on wednesday nights back in the 80s?
Corage Mike 6:43:44 PM
Before cell phones... had to jump of the lift...run to the office to call! PRB rocks!
Corage Mike 6:44:10 PM
Sure do.
Brian D 6:43:47 PM
I remember reggae show on prb in late 90s early 2000s
Brian D 6:44:25 PM
I "won" a Marley box set but the dj never sent it to me
Hanna (host) 6:44:42 PM
Corage Mike 6:45:21 PM
There was Sunday soccer match in the field by CG, the DJ would talk about it from time to time.
Selecta Jerry 6:45:40 PM
I lost my bag of radio recorded cassetes and it is driving me crazy was his name Bear?
Corage Mike 6:45:59 PM
Canโ€™t win them all. 4!
Corage Mike 6:46:22 PM
To long ago.....
Brian D 6:45:51 PM
Called repeatedly week after week n he said sure I'll send dat out to ya Bri yahn
Selecta Jerry 6:46:29 PM
The 90s shows were rude boy and then rude boy jr
Brian D 6:47:14 PM
About 99 or 2000. It was after Toots played that big club in Trenton w same name as a phila club
Selecta Jerry 6:47:54 PM
There are album reviews from them guys in the wirld famous wprb stacks
Selecta Jerry 6:48:20 PM
On the river in trenton?
Brian D 6:48:13 PM
Brian D 6:48:27 PM
Truckin' no final g there Hanna.
Brian D 6:48:31 PM
Big Al 6:49:34 PM
I'm working and listening
Selecta Jerry 6:50:06 PM
Big Al 6:50:14 PM
Selecta Jerry 6:51:25 PM
Use a cup to shake the dice
Selecta Jerry 6:51:50 PM
Later all keep rolling the dice hanna
Big Al 6:51:56 PM
It's called cubilete
Corage Mike 6:51:56 PM
Brian D 7:04:05 PM
Holy Moe Dal Rounders
Hanna (host) 7:05:09 PM
gimme some Moe
Hanna (host) 7:17:40 PM
this is a mellow one --- for the chilled out listeners
Brian D 7:27:07 PM
I like the mug sound
Hanna (host) 7:28:06 PM
jimbeaux 7:38:16 PM
Hello, dicey folks!
Corage Mike 7:38:44 PM
Hanna (host) 7:38:07 PM
hey heya
Corage Mike 7:40:22 PM
Someone played a ton of Shankar yesterday. Good week.
Hanna (host) 7:40:12 PM
plenty to choose from
Brian D 7:40:27 PM
Readie was rockin
Corage Mike 7:41:21 PM
No kidding... He was like 90.
Hanna (host) 7:41:06 PM
come on...basically age-less
Corage Mike 7:42:07 PM
This is pretty different.
Hanna (host) 7:41:53 PM
i never fail to switch up the mood
Brian D 7:43:26 PM
Friend in college used to play a great Tomita cd. Not sure which. It was not too far removed from ELP. Both loved and recorded same classical pieces & musicians
Corage Mike 7:43:53 PM
Mark 7:44:19 PM
Oceans 11 soundtrack:)
jimbeaux 7:44:43 PM
D R E A M Y >>>>>>[[[
Hanna (host) 7:44:22 PM
get ready to ZONE out
Corage Mike 7:45:51 PM
S-A-T -U - never mind...
Hanna (host) 7:45:35 PM
Hanna (host) 7:45:41 PM
T-15 minutes tho
Corage Mike 7:46:24 PM
วษนnษ”sq๊“ณ วษฅ๊“• วสŒษ๊“ท 7:50:57 PM
And Dylan Fox played a long Ravi Shankar piece this morning after 7:30 or so.
Hanna (host) 7:50:56 PM
wprb...always straight grooving
Brian D 7:52:21 PM
I love Tarkus the best of all the ELP lps Mike
Brian D 7:52:57 PM
Hard to tear away but I am going to check out Jorma live stream from Fur Peace Ranch in 6-7 mins thanks to Mike
Corage Mike 7:53:37 PM
Brothers from a different mother.
Brian D 7:55:49 PM
Thanks Hanna and all!
Hanna (host) 7:55:12 PM
great to hang Brian
jimbeaux 7:55:58 PM
Thx hanna a a a a a a a a a a a a !
Hanna (host) 7:55:29 PM
:D thanks Jimbeaux
Hanna (host) 7:57:23 PM
bye everyone